Training Bots

These bots are training tools used in Street Fighter V's training mode. They're intended to simulate real opponents, to allow beginner-to-intermediate players to practice and grind reactions against dynamic, challenging opponents.

Each bot consists of a set of 4-5 pre-recorded actions that will produce a custom AI. Fighting against them will allow you to train on specific skills or against certain matchups.

If you encounter any terms that are unfamiliar, you can check our glossary of bot terms here.

The Bots

NecalliBot v1.0

Difficulty Basic

Focus Defensive Spacing

Avoid getting eaten alive
Punishes Spacing Antiairs

KenBot v1.0

Difficulty Easy

Focus Pressure Reactions

Maximum punish under firey pressure
Punishes Pressure Antiairs Shoto Matchup

EdBot v1.0

Difficulty Easy

Focus Closing In and Dash->Throws

Get command of your throws in high definition
Awareness Dash Throws Antiairs Ed Matchup

UrienBot v1.0

Difficulty Easy

Focus Footsies and Spacing

Spartan Training To Keep You On Your Toes!
Footsies Aegis Defense Spacing Quick Punishes

SakuraBot v1.0

Difficulty Easy

Focus Punish Awareness and Neutral Game Spacing

So Genki!
Slow Punishes Whiff Punishes Antiairs Punish Spacings

NashBot v1.0

Difficulty Easy

Focus 'Autopilot' and Punish Spacing

The Quick And The Dead
AutoPilot Habit Assessment Variants Punish Spacings

BirdieBot v1.0

Difficulty Easy

Focus Putting It All Together

Develop a Can Do Attitude Over Lunch
Awareness Choice Reaction Antiairs Birdie Matchup

RyuBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Reversal Punishes, Odd Antiairs

Searching high and low for answers
Antiairs Air-to-airs Anti-zoning Overhead Defense

BoxerBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Hit Confirms, Defensive Confirms

A Wild Buffalo's Charge
Hit Confirms Overhead Defense Defensive Confirms Matchup

AlexBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Air Resets, Air Hit Awareness

Mash The Stampede!
Move Interactions Aerials Air Resets Jump-in Distances

DictatorBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Mixup Defense and Meter Watching

The Original Boss
Meter Watching Mixup Defense Spacing Awareness Matchup

FANGBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Spacing and Reaction Execution

The fun has been doubled!
Range Punishes Defen-Spacing Mid-range Reactions Matchup

AbigailBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Jump-in spacings and timing

Punishes Abigail Matchup Crossups Careful Approaches

AkumaBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Movement and Reactions

Defeat your demon from above
Defense Adaptability Shoto Matchup Reactions

ZangiefBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Reactions and Zangief Matchup

This is... The Strongest Muscle!
Reactions Zangief Matchup V-Reversal Meter-Watching

FalkeBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Closing In and Match-Up

One Hit Will Do!
Spacing Closing In Safe Jumps Matchup

BlankaBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Punish OS and Ambiguous Moves

New Blanka Who Dis?
Punish Awareness Matchup Crossups Strange Blockstun

NecalliBot v2.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Anti-Airs and Defensive Spacing

The Copy Daemon Kicks In
Punishes Spacing Antiairs Mental Stack

GuileBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Bulldogging and Hit-Confirms

You can't jump in on Freedom
Positioning Counter-Zoning Hit-Confirms Bot Methods

LauraBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Timing/Testing of 'Eyeballed' Meaty Attacks

A grap-pling bud
Calculated Meaties Frame Data Eyeballed Meaties Punish Range

DhalsimBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Closing Distance Safely, Air-to-Air Awareness

Time to stretch our legs
Closing In Air-to-Airs Dhalsim Matchup Spacing

MikaBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Bravery, Matchup

No guts, no glory!
Bravery Mika Matchup Closing In Spacing

ClawBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Multi-Situation Awareness Reactions

Contract Of Beauty
Awareness Claw Matchup Whiff Punishes Spacing

SagatBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Long Range Jumps and Approaches

Earn Your Stripes
Jump-in Combo Variations Bravery Spacing Awareness Approach Awareness

RashidBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Longer Range Punishes, Erratic Defense

Remember the name well
Ranged Punishes Awareness Movement Rashid Matchup

CammyBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Throws and Throw Defense

Not a Doll. Throws back.
Throw Defense V-Skill Mixups Wake-up Options

GBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Conditional Punishes/Approaches

Not the Question, but the Answer
Meter Watching Quick Thinking Noticing Conditions Strict Punishes

IbukiBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Mixup Defense and Punish Spacing

Not all who are kunai are lost
Mixup Defense Spacing Ibuki Matchup Punishes

JuriBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Mindset Switching and Knockdown Pressure

Korean Backdash Cancels
Knockdown Pressure Meaties Mental Pressure Juri Matchup

KarinBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Pressure Defense and Awareness

The Ruler's Staying Hand
Pressure Defense Awareness Karin Matchup Punishes

GuileBot v2.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus 3-Frame Punishes and TripGuard

In America, Freedom jumps in on you.
Tight Punishes CrossUp AntiAirs CrossUp Air-to-Airs TripGuard

KolinBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Understanding Hit- and Hurt-Boxes

A Cold Day in Hel
V-Reversals Hitboxes Crossups Hurtboxes

MenatBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Matchup and Orb Awareness

The Future Is Sphere
Situational Punishes Defense Orb Awareness Matchup

ZekuBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Match Flow Awareness and Matchup

Striding Forward
Match Flow Awareness Mixups Matchup

CodyBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Multi-Punishes and Tick Throws

A Vote Of Confidence
Mental Stack Punishes Tick Throws Hard Antiairs

Chun-LiBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Putting It All Together II

Do you know what Kung Fu means?
Focus Variable Spacing Pressure Reactions Matchup
More Bots Coming Soon!