These bots are training tools used in DragonBall FighterZ' training mode. They're intended to simulate somewhat realistic beginner players, in order to allow beginner-to-low-intermediate players to practice and grind reactions against dynamic, challenging opponents.

Each 'bot' is actually the same inputs, for the most part, so generally one only needs to do the inputs once, with more advanced bots potentially changing the contents of just one input. From there, choosing the correct opposing team, Ki Gauge values, and probability ratios for the random playback, will allow you to train specific skills or, partially, against certain matchups.

If you encounter any terms that are unfamiliar, you can check our glossary of bot terms here.

Base Bot Inputs

The inputs for the 'bot' are given below on the main page for it, with some visual examples. If they are unclear, please check our YouTube Channel for the episode "Disc's Guidance: Starting From Gero" for more hands-on explanations and demonstrations.

Get the inputs here

The Bots

Offense Series #1

If you fail to approach correctly when faced with the strongest of Universe 7, you should just die.

Approach Movement Timing Low Strikes Air-to-Ground Attacks

Defense Series #1

To win by using primarily defense at higher levels, you must be mature... robotic... perfect even.

Spacing and Deflection Quick Counterattacks Pre-emptive Defense

Accuracy Series #1

A good hit is one where you can make it count, and put your opponent down for the count.

Watching For Openings Air Approaches Midrange Mixup Defense

Accuracy Series #2

That boy Trunks was trouble enough to handle running around with his friend when young, it doesn't get better in the teen years.

Tracking Opponents Quick Responses Conditional Flow

Offense Series #2

The most powerful beings in the Universe, you say? Rulers of the Heavens, huh?

Reactive Spacing Quick Choice Reactions Openings In Air Neutral

Defense Series #2

A Saiyan, a half-Saiyan, and three Namekians walk into a bar...

Air Defense Targeting Approachers Option/Assist Awareness

Defense Series #3

Did you know that baseball players train themselves to react to flashes of the movement of the ball?

Awareness Strain Anti-Super Dash Whiff Punish (Dragon Rush)

Accuracy Series #3

Hit? ...Hit. Hit!

Targeting in Neutral High-speed Awareness Assist Awareness