Training Bots

These bots are training tools used in UNIST's training mode. They're intended to allow beginner-to-intermediate players to practice and grind reactions against dynamic, challenging opponents.

Each bot consists of a set of 4-5 pre-recorded actions that will produce a custom AI. Fighting against them will allow you to train on specific skills or against certain matchups.

If you encounter any terms that are unfamiliar, you can check our glossary of bot terms here. Note that UNIST does not save bots separately and it does not save them between uses of the game, you must re-input a bot whenever you restart the game, so we have used much simpler inputs that can be used across multiple characters (it keeps the inputs when switching characters).

The Bots

PhononBot v1.0

Difficulty Easy

Focus Shield Mechanic and Punishes

Ready to whip you into shape.
Shield Function Punishes High/Low Mixup

OrieBot v1.0

Difficulty Easy

Focus Anti-Air and Awareness

Your ability to antiair will be Judged.
Assault Command Combo Concepts Antiairs

SpamBot v1.0

Difficulty Easy

Focus A Thing To Do Between Matches

Reflect Easy Selection?
Punishes Patience Learning Opponent Moves

AkatsukiBot v1.0

Difficulty Easy

Focus Whiff Punish Combos, Basic Footsies

Your mission has not changed in many years.
Punishes Whiff Punishes Spacing

EnkiduBot v1.0

Difficulty Easy

Focus Basic Punish Awareness and Defense

And now, a study of Ancient Mesopotamian Geese.
Defense Focus and Control Antiairs Option Selects

EltnumBot v1.0

Difficulty Easy

Focus Defense and Dash-Blocking

She has a low from WHERE?
Awareness Dash Blocking Antiairs Option Selects

SethBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Basic Mobility and Dash->Throws

Who gives a rushdown deception character a command throw anyway?
Awareness Dash Throws Antiairs Seth Matchup

WagnerBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Awareness-on-Approach and Spacing

You can tell she's from a noble family by her 2C
Whiff Punishes Awareness Assault Timing

HydeBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Movement and Guard Thrust Reactions

Why do they call it Black Orbiter anyway?
Guard Thrust High-Low Guard Antiairs

YuzurihaBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Aerial Opponent Tracking and Accuracy

Isn't this whole thing a little too breezy?
Aerial Awareness Combo Concepts Patience

VatistaBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Optimization and Matchup

Isn't she a doll?
Exact Punishes Zoning Optimization Awareness

MikaBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Multi-Punish Awareness and Defense

Exact Punishes Shielding Spacing Awareness Teching

WaldsteinBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Escapes, Adaptation And Matchup

There's always an escape clause.
Avoidance Long/Strict Punishes Execution Matchup

MerkavaBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus High-Low Guard and Shield Timing

Worms, Snakes, Leeches, or Noodles?
Careful Defense Ranged Combos Shielding Execution Matchup

LinneBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Multi-Stage Awareness and Staying Calm

Not convinced she actually means to do that.
High-Low Mixup Punishes CrossUp Anti-Airs Matchup

ByakuyaBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Air to Air and Vorpal Awareness

Are you the Spider or is the Spider You?
GRD Gauge Concepts Obstacles Whiff Punishes

GordeauBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Shielding and Defense

Shielding is a natural response to a giant scythe.
High-Low Guard 'TK' moves Instant Overheads Shielding

CarmineBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Rhythm and Mix-Up Defense

Bloody Marvelous.
Obstacles Heavy Awareness Patience Advanced AntiAirs

HildaBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Air Navigation and Approaches

Making your own lounge chair is the best use of one's power.
Evasive Approaches Hit Confirms Confirmable Punishes Patience

HydeBot v2.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Corner Carry and Corner Guard

Get it? Hyde in the corner?
Optimizing Combo Routes Spacing Corner Guard Techniques Antiairs

NanaseBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Air Tracking and Special Antiairs

Okay no, THIS is too breezy. Got it.
Aerial Awareness Punishes CrossUp Antiairs Patience

ChaosBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Bulldogging and Careful Approaches

How big does a lizard have to get before it stops being 'cute'?
Left-Right Guard Distracted Antiairs Bulldogging
Unlike SFV, Unlikely Next Installment, Extra Seems Troublesome!