Our Stream

We stream analysis, commentary, bot design, and general SFV play on Twitch. We're still in the early stages of planning our content, so our stream schedule is a little tenative.

At the moment, our stream runs from Monday to Friday, with potential for interruptions to avoid conflicts between our stream and any major tournaments. All streams are scheduled to start at 7PM US Eastern Time.

Our stream is archived at 2-mk.org/youtube.

Stream Schedule

Bear in mind that the current schedule is tentative. Since we're still refining our content, there's no guarantee that what's streamed on any given day will match what's presented here for the moment.

All streams are scheduled to start at 7PM US Eastern Time.




One of



One of

Our Channels

Although the members of 2_MK have individual Twitch channels, all gameplay is rebroadcast on twitch.tv/2_MK. Therefore, if you want the full range of 2_MK fighting game content, all you need to do is follow that channel.

Our secondary channels are:

All team members have given full permission for content from their channels to be rebroadcast on twitch.tv/2_MK. 2_MK as a whole has full ownership of content broadcast and restreamed from these channels.