The 2_MK Group

We're a group of streamers and fighting game players, aiming to share and refine the tools and approaches we've found useful in getting better.

Right now, we're just getting started. Watch this site, check out our stream, or follow us on Twitter, as we work to roll out training bots, videos, and other content in the next months.

Our main focus right now is designing Street Fighter V training mode bots, used in training mode exercises for grinding reactions and learning to handle the kind of situations relevant to beginner-to-intermediate players.

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Training Bots

SFV Training Mode bots, used for grinding reactions and practicing matchup-specific tech against realistic opponents.

Match Analysis

This category is a work-in-progress!

Content covering the processes we use to analyze our matches, and improve on problems found in them.

Fighting Game Advice

This category is a work-in-progress! Check back here soon.