These exercises uses the Mission system in Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 under the Match Up section. They're intended to aid beginners getting into guilty gear to understand the different options and concepts that are not in other fighting games or are less frequent/complex. These exercise are largely exploratory, and are therefore meant to teach you not just what you can do but what you can't.

Each exercise comprises of one or two objectives. Unlike our other content there is no real scoring system for the most part, however some of them give you specific targets to focus on to make sure you understand the core principle of the exercise. Take your time with each, and feel free to experiment.


Mobility Exercises (05, 31)

Mobility plays a large role in Guilty Gear. Explore your characters options and begin to build up the confidence and emotional flexibility required to succeed.

evasion air defense crossup reactions

Range Exercises (30, 32)

Guilty Gear provides additional options for controling ranges on defense. Explore your character's options and build spacing awareness and reactions.

spacing reactions defensive mobility faultless defense

Neutral Exercises (18, 22, 23)

A great deal of netural in Guilty Gear depends on understanding where your options leave you after you execute them. Explore certain less obvious options in neutral.

crossups backdash evasion evasive punishes

Defense Exercises (35, 28, 20, 13)

Defense in Guilty Gear can require a great deal of both awareness and focus. Build up your defensive reactions, keep calm under pressure, and learn the nuances of Guilty Gear defense.

defensive reactions calm under pressure fuzzy guard

Mobility Exercises (45, 19)

Mobility plays a large role in Guilty Gear. Learn to recognize your mistakes and account for them, while keeping your eye on the opponent.

tracking your opponent adapting to failure calm when failing

Range Exercises (07, 50)

Guilty Gear provides additional options for controling ranges on defense. Learn to take advantage of Just Defense and recover when you fail it.

adapting to failure defensive mobility just defense

Neutral Exercises (10, 04)

Guilty Gear's Neutral is high-speed. Improve your speed and timing and build the confidence and mindset required for consistency.

calm under pressure backdash evasion evasive punishes

Defense Exercises (05-i, 08, 09)

Defense requires mental and emotional management. Learn what affects you, build calm and confidence, don't flinch, and keep your eyes on the opponent.

self awareness defensive confirms calm under pressure