HydeBot v2.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Corner Carry and Corner Guard

Note that UNIST does not save bots separately and it does not save them between uses of the game, you must re-input a bot whenever you restart the game, so we have used much simpler inputs that can be used across multiple characters (it keeps the inputs when switching characters).

This bot is intended to help you refine and understand your autopilot as well as learn how to corner guard a defensive opponent. Hyde has a lot of good options for preventing situations where he could get corner guarded making him one of the best candidates for learning the basics of corner guard. Additionally while it is not a direct intention of the bot, it has a secondary use of helping you learn the basics of getting out of the corner as well.

This bot is more difficult to enter than some of our other UNIST bots. Therefore it is recommend to adjust what bot you train on with these inputs depending on how well they are done on any given day. All Gordeau-Type bots have similar defense requirements and will test your defensive capacity even if they are not all directly related to defense. The general rule of thumb is that, if action 1 or 3 are having a less optimal day, the bot can probably still be used to train against Hyde 2.0 or Hilda but not Nanase or Gordeau. For days with optimal inputs for Actions #1 and #3 any bot is generally useable. The bot requires a decent understanding of the timing required to manipulate the forward A+B function in Action #1 to result in both an overhead and a dash. Additionally, the timings for certain things related to Action #4 can make Gordeau and Nanase less effective, making it better to train on Hyde or Hilda in that situation too, but this is normally easy to fix.

Gordeau is the recommended character for inputting Gordeau-Type bot for training characters such as Hilda, Nanase, Hyde 2.0 and Gordeau himself, as his 6B is highly noticaeable and many of the special move inputs are slow enough to be identifiable. On a good day Hyde should be less predictable in terms of escaping from the corner and should be able to occasionally do a blockstring into 'uppercut' and frequently do his instant air 'projectile'. On less optimal days he will jump more and be more predictable, while his projectiles and ground pressure will be less consistent. He will also do dash into attack or throw less often. It is still possible to learn the beginnings of corner guard pressure in this form and is therefore recommend for days where Gordeau style bots are input less than perfectly. He is the most flexible bot for these inputs however if he doesn't block much or has a bad rhythm you may want to consider Hilda instead as her point system and training concept do not rely much on her being able to block perfectly.

Gauge Settings

Settings for 1P are VIT Gauge - Varies (see Goals section below), EXS Gauge - 0%

Settings for 2P are VIT Gauge - "100%", EXS Gauge - 100%

Universal settings: EXS Gauge Default (it does not increase automatically), GRD Gauge - "Default", Health Recovery - "Auto Recovery Off".


Completing each action gives 1 point. Whenever your opponent is defeated, check your health rating, and set your Health to approximately that value for the next round, and continue your count. Try to get to 10 points without being defeated (if you are, reset your health to 100% and restart your count).

Points System

Difficulty Levels

Special UNISTBot Input Instruction Notes

UNIST starts recordings using the X button/Confirm button on controllers. It begins the recording instantly. However, it will also accept the input that is bound to this button in the Controller Configuration as the first part of the recorded input, if you hold down the button when you start the recording. It also gives you just enough time to hold a direction as well. Use this method to record the inputs. For example, Action #5, change your X/Confirm button to A+B in the Controller Settings, and you should be able to get it to accept 6A+B as soon as possible.

Action #1

Record from close.

4A, 6A+B (delay this very slightly), 5, 6A+B (hold briefly, should do his 6B overhead if recording with Gordeau), late hidden [2369] end recording instantly

This is a slowish input, and especially needs to delay the final 2369 until late in the animation of the overhead to avoid getting 'uppercut' too much. If done correctly, when played into itself, it should be able to do both Hyde's 'TK' air projectile attack, and possibly his 66B. However, there are times when the first will not happen with just this input, so we suggest moving on to other inputs as long as you are confident.

Action #2

3B+C hidden [696321] end recording instantly

If this is done correctly when played into itself it should mainly jump forward and perform B+C. It is a very quick input, but one still needs to really make the effort to hold B+C almost the entire time. It is NOT necessary to hold it to the final moment, so those using pad can still end the recording with the Options button or similar, normally. Just hold the initial button as long as you can.

Action #3

6C hidden [(slide as if inputting a special move] 3C 2C 66] end recording immediately

When played into itself it should be able to do his 66C. If you are short on time and find that your inputs are not clean enough to result in 66C on any given day, the resulting bot may not be well suited for training against Nanase or Gordeau, and limits what you can do with Hyde ver.2. It should also be able to visibly do all three of the various C inputs, and optimally, not do 3C very often if it whiffs a 6C. If it cannot then it is not generally very useable for Nanase and Gordeau, but Hyde ver.2 is usually fine.

Action #4

4A+D hidden [123] end recording instantly

When doing this input try not to worry about what is on the screen. If you throw the opposing character to input the motion, it should be done quickly enough such that the side switch from the back throw is so brief that it is irrelevant to the input. It can also be recorded from a range where the bot will whiff the throw attempt, but for reasons related to certain input shortcuts, we suggest doing the throw from close unless you find you are slow with this input.

Action #5

2A hidden [66 2 5] end recording instantly (must release 2 for an instant before ending recording)

If done correctly the bot should be able to dash. When played into itself on Gordeau, Hilda or Hyde this will result in a special move.


Still in progress.