YuzurihaBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Aerial Opponent Tracking and Accuracy

Note that UNIST does not save bots separately and it does not save them between uses of the game, you must re-input a bot whenever you restart the game, so we have used much simpler inputs that can be used across multiple characters (it keeps the inputs when switching characters).

The intention of this bot is to help train your ability to approach an opponent with good keep out game, and grow more accustomed to opponents who are able to stay in the air for longer and with more variation. Yuzuriha is a character that is good at keeping you out, and while getting Vorpal advantage on this bot is not hard, she can still gain advantage a bit more consistently than other bots, and is therefore good for getting used to paying attention to the GRD Gauge. She is therefore one of the best bots for beginning to learn how to be patient, evaluating when it is worth being patient versus keeping up advantage, and getting used to assessing when you can risk going in.

Byakuya is the recommended character for inputting Byakuya-Type bot for training characters such as Yuzuriha and Byakuya himself, as his aerial webs and dp make certain input's clearer if they succeed or not. On a good day Yuzuriha will be able to hang in the air and sometimes use her 'teleport' style movements in surprising ways. On a sub-optimal day Yuzuriha is generally repetitive or does not do her leaping multislash attack.

Gauge Settings

Settings for 1P are VIT Gauge - Varies (see Goals section below), EXS Gauge - 0%

Settings for 2P are VIT Gauge - "100%", EXS Gauge - 100%

Universal settings: EXS Gauge Default (it does not increase automatically), GRD Gauge - "Default", Health Recovery - "Auto Recovery Off".


Completing each action gives 1 point. Whenever your opponent is defeated, check your health rating, and set your Health to approximately that value for the next round, and continue your count. Try to get to 10 points without being defeated (if you are, reset your health to 100% and restart your count).

Points System

Difficulty Levels

Special UNISTBot Input Instruction Notes

UNIST starts recordings using the X button/Confirm button on controllers. It begins the recording instantly. However, it will also accept the input that is bound to this button in the Controller Configuration as the first part of the recorded input, if you hold down the button when you start the recording. It also gives you just enough time to hold a direction as well. Use this method to record the inputs. For example, Action #5, change your X/Confirm button to A+B in the Controller Settings, and you should be able to get it to accept 6A+B as soon as possible.

Action #1

Record from close.

4A, 2B, 2C(can hold this C) 2369 end recording as soon as possible.

Should be able to do a full combo from up close. If the recording is not ended quickly Yuzuriha will often jump before doing moves just off the ground. This is neither good nor bad, so adjust according to your needs and understanding of the matchup for your character, but note that it affects Byakuya.

Action #2

1B+C (hold until end), hidden [474123], end recording instantly

If this is done correctly when played into itself it should mainly back jump and perform B+C. It is a very quick input, but one still needs to really make the effort to hold B+C almost the entire time. It is NOT necessary to hold it to the final moment, so those using pad can still end the recording with the Options button or similar, normally. Just hold the initial button as long as you can.

Action #3

4C hidden [44 623], end recording immediately

It is recommended to input this bot with Byakuya. If this input is done fast enough, when played into itself, Byakuya should do a special move instead of just using 4C. It should also be able to back dash if hit.

Action #4

6A+D hidden [96321] end recording instantly

It is recommended to input this bot with Byakuya. If this input is not done well, Yuzuriha will not do her leaping multislash attack, or not do it in the air.

Action #5

6A+B 66C hidden[7] end recording instantly

If done correctly the bot should spend a decent of time in the air, being capable of back jumping, and air dashing. It should be able to do it's running C attack occasionally as well, and do her stance cancels. The 66 is 'hidden' in the 6A+B, the faster you do this, the better.


Still in progress.