UrienBot v1.0

Difficulty Easy

Focus Footsies And Spacing

UrienBot is a relatively easy bot, both to enter (if you know 'charge move' timings) and to fight (if the player is patient). Our last few months of research have finally allowed us to create a bot capable of simulating the concept of 'footsies' to a small degree, and since most of the complicated parts of Urien matchup are related to Aegis Reflector, we took this opportunity to create that bot type. It is because of this that the bot also has a single 'change' in an early points system to move from the "Easy" difficulty level to the more challenging difficulty levels. Pay attention to this particularly because the way the bot is approached tends to change because of it. A difficult (for some characters close to impossible) whiff punish is part of this change. Note that if this seems impossible, that the recovery on a normal whiffed throw is only one frame slower than the recovery on the normal move that you are required to whiff punish. If you have great difficulty with this, it indicates similar things for whiffed throws, the main difference being range.

Defeating this bot requires the player to have a keen sense of spacing, how and when to move backward and forward in very small amounts to maintain a relative position, while watching out for attacks and patterns from an opposing character whose moves change their position a lot. It also recreates the sensation of 'having to focus heavily on the ground game while still watching out for the air' in the higher Difficulty Levels. Putting effort into this spacing in order to achieve a certain Point System (A.2) is required, in order to get the most from working with this bot. Ignoring this and focusing on the other Point Systems will limit the benefit.

Note that this bot has one 'full variant' version that is not given separately because it is a relatively large amount of 'work' for a relatively small 'reward'. Brief Description: End the recording holding MP at the ends of actions #2-5, (or 3-5 if your character does not close in quickly), use FirstFrame 6LK+MK+MP instead of just 6LK+MK as the main part of the first input of action #1. This will enable Urien to use his V-Skill, if done perfectly, without breaking his rhythm too much.

Gauge Settings

As with all bots, 1P Health should be set to "Normal". Set 1P CA Gauge to "Normal", and 1P V-Gauge to "Normal".

Settings for 2P are Health - "Auto-Recover", V-Gauge - "Normal" or "Maximum Start" in the Easy Difficulty and "Auto-Recover" for all others, V-Timer - "Normal" for the Easy Difficulty and "Minimum Start" for all others, CA Gauge - "Auto-Recover".


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without dying.

Points System

Difficulty Levels

Action #1

From a range where 5MK hits, 6LK+MK, cancel into 5HP+HK (Aegis Reflector), 5HP (hold, can hold until end or just 'as long as comfortable'), 1MP, 1MP, end recording while holding 1, and quickly, so that second the 1MP is not recovering yet.

This is the bot's most difficult and least lenient input. While it is not specifically hard to do if you are familiar with the character, you may find that you need to tweak it after testing the full bot sometimes in order to emulate proper pressure. This is the reason that it does not have specific 'Perfect' and 'Acceptable' versions even though it has a wide range between 'usable' and 'best result'.

Action #2


From close range, FirstFrame 1HP, 12369LP+LK+MK (must result in a perfect cancel into Metallic Sphere) hold 1, end recording while holding 1, before the Metallic Sphere vanishes.


From close range, 1HP, 12369LP+LK+MK, hold 1, end recording while holding 1 (note that video instructions are imperfect, implying a start at 4 direction, you must hit the 1 direction perfectly on first frame)

Make sure that the Perfect version of this is entered before attempting "Hard" difficulty level. The 1HP needs to be very quick in order to make sure that the bot's rhythm is correct, after the easier levels.

Action #3


Hold 1 for a short time, 12369MK, 5LP+HP (do this immediately after the MK, almost as fast as a 'plink', but not quite), hold 1, end recording while holding 1, before Urien starts to fall.


Hold 1 for a short time, 12369MK, 5/9LP+HP (do this immediately after the MK, almost as fast as a 'plink', but not quite), hold 1, end recording.

When replayed into itself, this action should do EX Headbutt, but should not be able to do MK Violence Knee Drop on its own. If it can, tweak the amount of time that 1 is held (either start or ending is fine).

Action #4


66 (dash), hidden [5/6LP+LK], 6MP, end recording while holding 6, when you see the hitspark of the 6MP or even the early startup frames.


66 (dash), hidden [5/6LP+LK], 6MP, end recording while holding 6.

Generally this action should be so fast that it either steps forward and repeatedly whiffs throw, or repeatedly does 6MP, in the Perfect version. Ending the recording while holding 6 prevents Urien from dashing repeatedly.

Action #5

1MK, hidden [6HP], hold 1 until Urien returns to crouching neutral stance, end recording while holding 1.


Still in progress.