SagatBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Long Range Jumps and Approaches

SagatBot is a moderate difficulty bot, but with a fairly high difficulty in terms of entering the perfect versions of his inputs. However, he has multiple variants that are not only somewhat easier to input, but also tend to be more useful to players who play characters who have less technical input requirements of their own. SagatBot can therefore be considered to come in three slightly variant specific forms: Zoning-Retreat, Unpredictable, and Zoning-Approach. For brevity later on in this page, these may be referred to using prefixes (i.e. U-Sagat, ZR-Sagat, ZA-Sagat) both to explain goals and inputs, and to clarify which one players with specific main characters of their own, are suggested to use. SagatBot requires a few tightly timed inputs and one of the harder FirstFrame inputs (the kind that cannot be done using the first technique given on our Glossary Page for FirstFrame inputs), and has low leniency, but the inputs themselves are not usually complex in terms of number of buttons or actions, just timing strictness. Unfortunately, this bot loses effectiveness quickly without the correct timings, but fortunately there are very easy methods of verifying that you have input them correctly.

The approach to goals against SagatBot also differ quite heavily by character, as Sagat requires a different gameplan for each type of character-player combination. Despite this, the actual goal system does not vary much, as the variance is more in how the player chooses to approach getting the required thing to happen, than 'what thing they should be trying to do'. This bot is meant to teach 'how to handle a good zoning player that is maintaining a correct spacing', but since it is very difficult to make the bot react to the player's spacing, the goal system is based around 'forcing the player to move to the spacing that is advantageous to Sagat, and then taking their actions from there'. Be careful not to fall into the habit of 'giving Sagat space' unnecessarily while using this bot. We suggest sometimes just going 'full offense' to relieve the tension and remove this effect, either at the beginning of a round, if you are not yet good enough to win consistently, or after you get to 10 points, to finish out that round of training.

Gauge Settings

As with all bots, 1P Health should be set to "Normal". The player may set V-Gauge and CA Gauge to whatever their preference is for Easy-mode

Settings for 2P are Health - "Auto-Recover", V-Gauge - "Maximum Start", CA Gauge - "Maximum Start".


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without dying.

Points System


Difficulty Levels

Suggested Matchups

Here are some suggestions for which version of SagatBot to try for, depending on your playstyle and usual main character. This is not an exhaustive nor strict list, use your understanding of the game to make the final decision.

If your character is not listed above, either assume that they are variable and use your player type, or start with ZA-Sagat and if it is unsatisfying, do your best to enter U-Sagat instead.

Action #1

ZR-Sagat: Easiest Input

FirstFrame 1LP, late hidden [44] 236 end recording immediately

ZA-Sagat: Harder Input

FirstFrame 1LP, late hidden [66] 5/6LP+LK end recording immediately

U-Sagat: Hardest Input

23LP, hidden [(4)66 LP+LK (hold until end)] 236 end recording immediately

The FirstFrame inputs for ZA-Sagat and ZR-Sagat can be done using the easier method described on our Glossary page (Button Input, Interval 1, hold direction during countdown). U-Sagat's input does not need to be FirstFrame obviously, as it has a 2 input as its First Frame, but must be very fast and the 3MP must be a 3MP. The 4 input in the hidden section is optional but will help prevent certain behaviours.

When replayed into itself, ZR-Sagat should just backdash, ZA-Sagat should dash or dash-throw repeatedly, but U-Sagat should be able to use Medium Tiger Uppercut if you poke him a bit, or dash-throw (it doesn't matter which one of the two he does from a standard replay start).

Mixing and matching inputs is not suggested for those who are unfamiliar with our bots, but if you understand clearly what you need to work on, it should be possible to create new variations of SagatBot by using different pieces. Just be careful not to give him 2x forward dash or 2x backdash at the same time.

Action #2

ZA-Sagat: Easiest Input

FirstFrame 9MP+MK (hold until end, but holding optional for ZA-Sagat), hold 1, end recording at peak of jump

ZR-Sagat: Harder Input

FirstFrame 9MP+MK (hold until end, holding IS NOT optional for ZR-Sagat), 8741236 (basically a full 360 revolution) end recording immediately

U-Sagat: Hardest Input

FirstFrame 9MP+MK (hold until end, holding IS NOT optional for U-Sagat), 87(4)623 end recording immediately

It is very difficult to get this input FirstFrame using the easier method, but you can try holding 8 (straight up) to jump, then 9 (the game does not seem to record any directional inputs until a strike button is pressed) and try to time the MP+MK at the moment the character touches down. This should allow you to still correctly time the recording ending. For ZR-Sagat and U-Sagat, most people should not be able to end the recording too early, but be careful about it (use a different input along with this one to test his jump-in attack capability).

When replayed into itself, ZA-Sagat should mostly jump and hit MK at various times. ZR-Sagat should jump forward and backward with no attack. U-Sagat should do the same, but be able to EX Tiger Uppercut occasionally when combined with Action #3. ZR-Sagat should be able to do EX Tiger Shot when combined with Action #3.

Action #3

ZA-Sagat: Easiest Input

6PPP, hidden [44], (4)1236 end recording immediately.

ZR-Sagat: Slightly Harder Input

6PPP, hidden [66, 5/6LP+LK] 236 end recording immediately.

U-Sagat: Hardest Input

6PPP, late hidden [44], (4)1236 end recording immediately.

In all three of these cases, it is okay (and for ZR-Sagat and U-Sagat, preferable) if this action just does repeated dash (either forward or backward) into EX Tiger Shot when played into itself. However, ZA-Sagat is a bit more useful if he does not always do the backdash, and is even acceptable if he never does it, as long as he can EX Tiger Shot. Generally therefore you don't actually want to hide the 236 part too much (the recovery of 6PPP is approximately equivalent to what we need usually). Tweak it as needed, and make sure that he at least can do EX Tiger Shot, if interrupted or similar.

It is not particularly necessary to make sure that the 6PPP is FirstFrame, but it is very possible using the easier method, and can definitely help, especially for U-Sagat to enable EX Tiger Uppercut.

Action #4

No Variations

This Action does not have different inputs for the three forms of SagatBot.

6HP+HK, hold 1, late hidden [1MP+MK], 236 end recording immediately

Similar to Action #4, it is not necessary to make sure that this 6HP+HK is FirstFrame. This input may require some tweaks, as using the V-Skill input too early makes Angry Charge much less likely even in fullscreen zoning situations, and doing the whole thing too fast makes it too likely that Sagat will do strange things. Your goal is to make it so that he generally just 'throws Grand Tiger Shot repeatedly' when this action is replayed into itself, but usually uses Angry Charge when interrupted/poked.

Action #5

No Variations

5LK+MK, hidden [2HP+HK], 5LP, 5LK, 6LK+MK(hold until end) (23), end recording immediately

If done correctly and combined with Action #4, this input should be able to kara-cancel EX Grand Tiger Shot, among other things. The final 23 input can cause extra Tiger Knee and Tiger Uppercut. The bot is not generally significantly negatively affected by this in any of its forms, though it does mean that U-Sagat may approach more than some players would prefer.


Still in progress.