RyuBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Reversal Punishes, Odd Antiairs

RyuBot is not intended to give the experience of any particular online Ryu skill level, but to press on the player's ability to react to Hadoukens, which are only -6 on block.

Rather than using damaging jump-ins, RyuBot will just jump around randomly, but uses buttons and surprise tactics to stop antiairs from the unprepared.

As players will need to get close enough to block his 2MK xx Hadouken if input perfectly, to even get the chance at a regular Hadouken punish, it also is meant to teach some small part of footsies.

Other ways of getting points, especially at the higher levels, also involve 'managing to get close to Ryu to block things', and in most situations this bot will not naturally nor easily approach without a jump.

Moving very close after knocking him down can be effective, provided he does not just jump over. Once close, the player must beware the Collarbone Breaker so as not to get caught in a high-low mixup.

There are a lot of inputs that are hidden in the animations or recovery of other moves, which come out if the bot gets interrupted or the actions get played on different timings.

Gauge Settings

As with all bots, 1P Health should be set to "Normal". Set 1P CA Gauge to "Normal", and 1P V-Gauge to "Normal".

These settings may change based on your goals, explained in the Difficulty section below.

Settings for 2P are Health - "Auto-Recover", V-Gauge - "Auto-Recover", CA Gauge - "Auto Recover".


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without dying.

Points System


Difficulty Levels

Action #1

6MP from close so it connects, hidden [ 63214 MK (can double or mash), 236LP+HP 236LP+HP (lenient on first and second if buttons don't come together) ] 63236 LP+HP (often should cause EX Shoryu or Super, preferably EX), hold 9 while EX Shoryu or Super comes out, end recording as Ryu touches ground or throws the Shinkuu Hadouken.

You should only see an Overhead (Collarbone Breaker) into an EX Shoryuken or Shinkuu Hadouken.

Note that if you test this, the Shoryuken/Shinkuu Hadouken should be blockable by your character after the overhead (this is not an input note, as this should always happen).

Action #2

Do this from close enough to hit.


2LK 2LP (should combo) 2MK (won't combo but try to get it tight timing), cancel into a 236LP then immediately hit LP+HP right after. Do not do this quickly enough to result in aPlinked Patented Daigo Umehara Super Hadouken, but make sure only regular Hadoken comes out (hit LP a fraction of a second first so that records as 236LP LP+HP). Hold 1 until block, end recording.


2LK 2LP (should combo) 2MK (won't combo but try to get it tight timing), cancel into 236 LP+HP, hold 1 until block, end recording.

If you are familiar with the character, the first LP is hit 'with cancel timing' and the second LP+HP is hit late enough to make the EX Hadoken come out, i.e. 'buffer timing'.

Action #3

23623LP (to do Shoryuken), hidden 9, end recording just as Ryu lands.

If played back alone, should be able to cause a Shinkuu Hadouken semi-randomly (does not need to be able to do it freely without being tapped by player, but theoretical Perfect version should). This is achievable fairly easily by moving back to downforward when ending the recording.

Action #4

Do this from far away.

214LK+HK, hidden [5HP+HK (plink input ok, either HP or HK slightly ahead is fine), hold 9 until EX Tatsu ends, end recording just before Ryu recovers].

No Perfect version, but if played back alone on loop, this should cause air EX Tatsu.

Action #5

Do this from far away.

236LP, hidden [214LK] 9, stop recording at peak of jump.

If perfectly done may be able to cause Light Shoryuken if Ryu jumps over with that jump, but not required.


Still in progress.