PoisonBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Long Range Whiff Punishes and Jump Timings

PoisonBot's inputs are very fluid, but not lenient. There is no requirement for doing inputs very quickly, and the bot will not be negatively affected if you have slower execution. In fact, the reason the inputs are not lenient is that some of them cannot be done too quickly. A few inputs require some difficult FirstFrames (see the Glossary page) but if the player is calm enough about having to make a few attempts, it should not be too difficult and the rest of the input would moreso be the frustrating part. Unfortunately it is difficult to tell when they are not working correctly, so we have attempted to provide detailed explanations of how to notice this. This may make the sections in the inputs quite long, but players can ignore them unless something does not feel effect. This bot, like many space control/zoner type bots, does not have a rhythm that can keep a persistent player from approaching and doing lots of damage, but nearly none of the Point Systems reward the player for doing this. Use CPU Poison to build up good habits regarding when you can and cannot do certain things, and then use the bot to supplement this by applying those mindsets, while still trying to get points.

Successful play against this bot is about very precise understanding of spacings, since failing your own whiff-punish attempts means that Poison will be able to deal a lot of damage and regain a favorable position. It is important not to 'get frustrated and just approach quickly', since even though the bot will not punish you for this, most players of the character almost certainly will. She has some variants that can be used depending on your main character's type, or your general playstyle, but these are not as complex or extensive as some of our other zoner Bots like Cody and Sagat. Your goals against this bot are to be consistent and mindful, since a bot cannot teach you directly when you are being manipulated psychologically, you will have to keep this focus naturally yourself.

Gauge Settings

As with all bots, 1P Health should be set to "Normal". 1P CA Gauge can be set to either "Normal" or "Auto-Recover", and 1P V-Gauge can also be set to either "Normal" or "Auto-Recover".

Settings for 2P are Health - "Auto-Recover", V-Gauge - "Maximum Start", CA Gauge - "Maximum Start". Changing these will break the rhythm of the bot considerably.


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without dying.

Points System

Difficulty Levels

Action #1

FirstFrame 5/6PPP (6 allows V-Reversal) hidden [MP+MK] (2/3/5/6 ok) 44 (backdash or just inch backward), 214 end recording instantly

This input needs to be done in a fairly relaxed way. If your main style/character easily punishes backdashes, try using 4.4 to inch backward instead of actually having her backdash. The 214 should allow her to use multiple moves, generally your aim is to do this quickly enough that she is not too predictable when combined with other actions. When replayed into itself it should just do her HP into V-Skill swing (as a combo, even on block), and backdash or do a high EX Whip on whiff, both are okay.

Action #2

From close, 5PPP hidden [236LP] 5/6LP+LK (hold the LK until end) 236 end recording instantly

The faster the player can do the 236LP after the 5PPP, the more likely she is to be able to use her Critical Art. This is actually also a requirement (the relative speed, not the Critical Art, we have found it is possible to record it without it triggering the Critical Art), since in order to make sure the 236LP is hidden, the cancel has to be quite fast. We suggest setting the LK button to something easy to hold and putting the LP button near it, we have not found it to be too difficult to press them together and then release the LP to end the recording. If you hold 6 between the first LP hit and the throw hit, it will generally be fine, as long as the throw follows reasonably quickly, but you do not need to aim for Poison to actually connect with the throw after the HP.

Action #3

5/6LK+MK, 96321(4) end recording instantly

This input gives Poison her jump moment. If you are familiar with Bot inputs, and have 'suffered' through the effort required to do FirstFrame 9MP+MK or similar, you may be one of those players who has sometimes hit 6+button and only got to 9 after. This is the timing you want this time. You should spend very little time at the 9 input, so that Poison does not jump at all if she does the kick from a 'clean' replay start. If you go all the way to 4, it will increase her tendency to use longer range whip moves, but also increase the chance she will do her wheel kick style attack and bring herself closer. Make sure you want both those things if you do this. The first input of this does not need to be FirstFrame normally, but if you want to modify her later it may be needed, and it may be needed specifically as 6LK+MK(as of this writing, the Video will show the 5LK+MK version).

Action #4

From close up, 5LP+LK(hold until end), hidden [1HP+HK(hold until end also), 66 (forward dash)] end recording instantly.

A tricky input for those not used to holding two buttons, especially in sequence. Easier on pad (i.e. PS4 controller or similar) due to being able to use Shoulder buttons for it. You must not enter this as 1236.6, or you will get extremely strange and unpredictable behaviours. This is just a good place to put a throw/V-Trigger, and holding it is required so that she does not overuse certain moves. This is recorded from close enough to get the throw, so that you can time the dash input and input recording ending properly. If you whiff the throw, the dash can happen, but if she fully animates the throw and then still dashes in the input phase, you were too slow.

Action #5

4MP(hold for some period), 1HP or 1(HP.)HP+HK, hidden [236(HP.)HP+HK(hold until end, optionally, and can hold just the HK)], 6MP+MK hidden [6MP+MK (hold until end)] end recording instantly.

This input is fairly lenient but quite complicated. but you should always try to enter it as 1HP if you can, rather than 2HP. In both cases the plink is optional. In the first case, using just 1HP instead of 1HP+HK is fine, it lessens the amount of uses of her V-Trigger, so use this if you find she whiffs too much to be a threat to your character. If timed correctly, and all buttons are correctly held, this input will give her lots of different flows, but none of them are directly useful on their own. We may change this input later depending on new tech found for this character. If input correctly, this gives her a medium whip option but depending on the input speed, she will usually just cancel this due to hitting the HK in the V-Trigger input before she can actually do the whip, which is another reason not to use HP+HK if you find the whip to be threatening. Note that a different Action is required to shift into this one, for the Medium Whip to happen. The player can optionally hold the second HP+HK until the end for slightly different behaviour, or not use the HK at all to get EX Whip in some cases, but this removes her long range Toxic Glamour grab, so only do this if you only need to learn to face Poison Cocktail (e.g. your main need for this bot is for Falke or Dhalsim). We recommend keeping the held 4MP (or at least starting with one) if possible when changing this input or testing your own variants.


Still in progress.