NashBot v1.0

Difficulty Easy

Focus 'Autopilot' and Punish Spacing

Nashbot can be a little difficult to input if one is not comfortable with edge-shifting or quick timing, but is relatively easy otherwise. Unfortunately most of his inputs are not lenient at all and it is necessary to do them perfectly. They don't function correctly visually either if done imperfectly, so the player will usually immediately know if they need to reattempt them. This bot was one of our lowest bots in priority for development because the Level 8 version of CPU/AI Nash covers most basic flows and punishes. If this bot does not seem as if it would help since it generally does not do the moves you need to worry about, please use CPU Nash instead for your training, or interchange the two occasionally for maximum benefit. It also has one very 'non-essential' input in the usual Action #5 slot that the player can use to customize it without affecting the rhythm or goals.

Successful play against this bot is primarily about learning punish spacings and the variations thereof, and getting used to the distance that Nash can attack from and then 'pull back his hurtbox'. The other main use for this bot is learning new characters and getting used to spacing punishes, and of course assessing the effectiveness of your own 'autopilot'. Since this is a relatively well rounded bot and most of the Point Systems are things one would do automatically, it is good for watching to see what you do when you are not thinking too much. There is no specific difficulty in defeating it once or twice, it is a test of the player's consistency and a good way to assess their bad habits.

Gauge Settings

As with all bots, 1P Health should be set to "Normal". 1P CA Gauge can be set to either "Normal" or "Auto-Recover", and 1P V-Gauge can also be set to either "Normal" or "Auto-Recover".

Settings for 2P are Health - "Auto-Recover", V-Gauge - "Maximum Start", CA Gauge - "Maximum Start". Changing these will break the rhythm of the bot considerably.


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without dying.

Points System

Difficulty Levels

Action #1

2MK+LK, hidden [2MP, 66 (dash)], 5MP, 214 end recording.

This is a simple input but actually the relatively hardest one to do for this bot due to the strict timings and quickness of the hidden parts. The 2MK+LK does not need to be absolutely FirstFrame, as long as when this action is replayed into itself, the bot can do Medium or EX Sonic Scythe. Preferably sometimes as a combo from the 5MP. This edge-shift is relatively easy compared to others in other bots, but is probably the hardest one in this bot. Some may want to save this input until last or be lenient with it at first and test how their bot feels with imperfect versions.

Action #2

From far away, 5/6LP+LK, hidden [66], 6HP, hidden [1HP+HK], end recording.

The difficult part of this recording is the two hidden inputs. Most people can only hide the dash once they get used to only hitting 6 exactly twice, and even then timing it correctly, directly afterward, can be challenging. The LP+LK does not need to be specifically 5 or 6 direction when input, but if there is a direction, it must be FirstFrame along with the LP+LK itself. This input does not work well if the 6HP ends up being the hidden part. This should generally be done without V-Meter on, but players may want to try 6HP cancels into V-Trigger to get a sense of the timing.

Action #3

6LP+MP, hidden [44 (backdash) MP+MK (direction irrelevant as long as not jumping)] 2369 end recording instantly.

This is a somewhat hard edge-shift but only if the player is not familiar/comfortable with the fact that 2369+Attack Button is treated as 236 by the game system and does such moves when the 9 part of the input is 'short' enough. That is, 9 is only pressed for 2-4 frames before the Attack Button. Pressing the button that ends the recording with that timing will give the correct result. When played back into itself this should cause an EX Sonic Boom, where Nash throws both Booms. The V-Skill should not generally happen. Make sure he at least can backdash by poking him for a while to see if he does. Like Action #1, the first input does not need to be FirstFrame but if it is not, the duration of the 9 input becomes stricter.

Action #4

6LK, late hidden [5LK], 5MK, 5MK+HK x3 (can mash, just get Target Combo to happen), hold 9, end recording quickly while holding 9.

The aim here is to press the second LK late enough into the Bullet Knee to act as the first hit of his LK-MK Target Combo, but not so late that the attack actually comes out after the Bullet Knee. This timing is not too difficult. The Target Combo you are looking for ends with a hopping lateral kick. Optimally, the recording ends before Nash leaves the ground for his jump, even though the player is pressing 9. If the recording ends with Nash in his pre-jump frames or jump startup, it is ok.

Action #5

2HP, 9, midair 623 end recording.


This input is 'spare parts'. The player can change it to anything they want and it is easy to change back.

If input correctly, the bot should be able to do Tragedy Assault when this action is replayed into itself (but occasionally poked or interrupted) and EX Tragedy Assault sometimes when this is combined with action #3. A jumping HP that connects should also be possible, but he may need to jump a few times to reach a timing where the HP hits. Adjust the timing until this jumping HP is possible if using this input. If you prefer not to have this much jump in the bot, the bot works basically fine without this input entirely, or with anything that starts with an HP just to get HP type Sonic Boom. We recommend putting an HP at the start of any chosen variant and hiding other inputs within it.


Still in progress.