MikaBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Bravery and Matchup

This bot is designed to help assist you with 'bravery' when it comes to the decision of when to go in on an opponent. A lot of the ways to beat this bot require you to learn your own spacings and what is a worthwhile risk to take while still maintaining your own defenses. Many of R.Mika's moves allow her to move while hitting buttons, making her spacing much more variable than other bots. Although some of MikaBot’s inputs may seem difficult, most are relatively simple if you change your control scheme to make it easier to enter them.

MikaBot is unique in that it is easy to make minor variations of it without altering her structure, based on what direction you choose for her V-Trigger, how long you hold her mic, and how long you hold her heavy kick inputs.

Gauge Settings

As with all bots, 1P Health should be set to "Normal". 1P CA Gauge should be set to "Normal", and 1P V-Gauge set to "Normal".

Settings for 2P are Health - "Auto-Recover", V-Gauge - "Normal", CA Gauge - "Normal".


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without dying. The player loses if MikaBot gets to 10 points first.

Points System

Difficulty Levels

Action #1

963214HP+LP+HK+LK, V-Skill, end the recording while holding V-Skill before the jump lands.

Ensure that each of 63214 are inputted correctly by checking the input display. You may wish to map V-Trigger and Throw to adjacent face buttons for convenience.

There is some leniency at the end, but try to ensure there is not too much delay between the HP+LP+HK+LP and holding the V-Skill. If done correctly, she should occasionally do an EX command grab, but will otherwise do a normal grab or V-Skill.

Action #2

From a range at which the dropkick will hit: 5HK+5LK (hold the HK), [hidden: 5LK 5LP]. When the dropkick hits: 236 and end recording immediately.

When this action is repeated, it should perform an EX Wingless Airplane if it has been entered correctly.

Action #2 into Action #5 should be able to produce a Stomp Chop (5LK > 5MP Target Combo) into Shooting Peach.

Action #3

From far away: 5HP+5LP, [hidden 1HP+HK (mashing is ok)], 1LK, 1MP, [hidden V-Skill (hold until end)]. End the recording before 1MP recovers.

Action #4


6MP+HP+HK, [hidden 6MP+HP+HK, 6MK (hold until end)], 1HP, [hidden: instant 9, 2MP], end recording immediately as 1HP hits.


6HP+HK, [hidden 6HP+HK, 6MK], 1HP, [hidden: 9, MP].


Use the Perfect input, but hold the MP and HK from the second 6MP+HP+HK until the end of the recording. This is extremely difficult, but will produce an additional charged dropkick and a longer V-Skill.

If done perfectly, MikaBot will be able to do an extended V-Skill. You should hear the very beginning of a speech after her first shout.

If done perfectly, when crush-countering with Lady Mika, the bot should be able to do her air target combo but this is not necessary for the input to be considered correct.

When using the Acceptable form of this input, MikaBot will always do the shortest V-Skill, which makes her mic throw range and timing more predictable. This may be less optimal for goal D.

Action #5


4LP, [hidden 6LK+MK+HK], microstep forward, Throw, end the recording in the middle of the throw.


4LP, [hidden 4LK+MK+HK], microstep forward, Throw, end the recording in the middle of the throw.

This should result in a tic throw when near the opponent.


Still in progress.