Bot Katas



A system of individual training exercises for practitioners of karate and other martial arts.

Once you gain the general skills from the training bots and rise in rank, you will find yourself needing responses to more specific situations. These more specific situations refine the general skills you have gained as well as expand further on possible uses for moves that may extend beyond their 'standard'. Many of these katas will refer to their respective training bot on our bots page or to the character and CPU level needed, though some modifications may be needed depending on the situation the kata is intended to train.

The Katas

Ambiguous Cross-Ups

You've learned maximum punish under firey pressure. Now keep calm and look to the skies!

Crossup Reactions Variable Jump Arc Crossup Preparedness

Neutral Attack Whiff Preparation

You've searched high and low for answers, now look deeper into the heart of battle!

Poking Mixing up Ranges Keepout

Attack Advantage Spacing on Defense

Legs stretched? Good, now reach for enlightenment!

Defense Spacing Awareness Understanding Frame Advantages

Reactionary Spacing and MidRange Neutral

Hit the brakes on that heavy incoming offense!

Reacting to Spacings Advantage in Neutral Priority System

Spacing-Timing Combination Responses

Staying The Ruler's Hand With Your Own!

Neutral Jump as Defense Canned Mixups With Gaps Counter-Hit Confirms

Two-Player Game and Whiff Punishes

Brains And Brawn, Winning Combination!

Watching Opponent Mental Flexibility Whiff Punishes

Awareness of Ranges and Footsies

That's The Spirit!

Defensive Calm Simulated Footsies Whiff Punishes/Hit Confirms

Defensive Mental State And Hit Confirms

Increased Electrical Activity In The Brain

Defensive Mindset AntiAirs Under Pressure CounterHit Confirms

AfterImage Effect Resistance

Whence The Wind Blows, No One Knows

AntiAirs Under Pressure Whiff Punishes Mental Flexibility

Corner Escape and Corner Guard

Make No Grave Mistakes

Evasive Mindsets AntiAir Spacing Setups Whiff Punishes
More Katas coming soon!