IbukiBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Mixup Defense and Punish Spacing

IbukiBot is a simplistic bot in actions, but advanced in terms of what she can teach most players about their own chosen characters. While she does use some of the more difficult bot-input techniques, her leniency is higher. Both leniency and specific variants can be used to tailor her to the player's character.

Successful play against this bot is primarily about learning punish spacings and the variations thereof, both for Ibuki's blockstrings, and, in turn, the available punishes for the character the player is using. Another bot that can be useful for learning the options available when aiming to learn a new character.

Gauge Settings

As with all bots, 1P Health should be set to "Normal". 1P CA Gauge can be set to either "Normal" or "Auto-Recover", and 1P V-Gauge can also be set to either "Normal" or "Auto-Recover".

Settings for 2P are Health - "Auto-Recover", V-Gauge - "Maximum Start", CA Gauge - "Auto-Recover". If the player wishes to primarily interact with Ibuki's V-Trigger bombs, they can set V-Gauge to Infinite and V-Timer to either Infinite or Minimum Start. The latter option will mean she uses more cancels, the former will remove cancels.


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without dying, and without Ibuki getting to 10 points, if in Extreme Difficulty mode.

Points System

Difficulty Levels

Action #1

5HP+HK, hidden [236MP+LP, 236], end recording immediately.

Replay this by itself. It should result in repeated aerial Kasumigake into Ground/Air EX Kunai. If no Kasumigake occur, retry the recording end. Speed is essential in ending the recording, as for all 'edge-shifting'. Try doing Shinten into EX Kunai cancel first to get a feel for this before entering it.

Action #2

66 (dash) into range of opponent, 5LP, 5MP, end recording immediately.

The recording ending should be so fast that if this action plays into #1 with V-Meter not at full, it will cause her to do full LP MP HP target combo (Shinten).

Action #3

From close enough to hit, 5LK+MK, 2HK, 1HK (should combo), hidden [63214], end recording immediately.

This should be able to cause an EX Kunai recharge if played back into itself when Ibuki is out of range to hit with the LK HK HK Target Combo. If not, but she does MK, the recording end must be faster, as with all edge-shifted inputs.

Action #4

6LK, hidden [6MK], 1LP+LK, end recording before the end of the throw whiff animation.

This is done fast enough that there is no chance of both the LK and the 6MK overhead attack happening in the same playback. Generally the throw should not be able to follow the 6MK either.

Action #5


5LK+MK, hidden [5HP], 236, end recording.


5MK, hidden [5HP], 236, end recording.


3LK+MK or 3MK can be input instead of 5 for the first input (that is, change the direction from neutral to down-forward).

In order for the variant to work, the 3MK should also be edge-shifted, i.e. the direction and the button press must be simultaneous. The variant results in slide sometimes, and Kazekiri at other times, but reduces her ability to do M-Kasumigake. The hidden HP is pressed with no delay at all. This allows the MK input to be ignored and this will also act as 'finishing Shinten' when Action #1 replays into this action.


Still in progress.