GuileBot v2.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus 3-Frame Punishes and TripGuard

Our Model 2.0 GuileBot is intended to help players learn to deal with the other style of play seen in the lower ranks, for Guile. It is a relatively easy bot to enter. The player may even be able to change between the two fairly comfortably. However it is not as easy to succeed against, and parts of the two bots should not be combined, as this version is very specifically crafted to use all of its pieces together. Of course, like all charge move bots, it requires some understanding of the timings for these. The bot's overall reason for a higher difficulty level is the mental strain required to win against it. It is meant to be used to increase execution sharpness and mental focus. Note that this bot is not as useful to characters who do not have moves with 3-frames of startup. Characters who lack this but have a command throw can use a specific variant. It is also useful for understanding the concept of 'tripguard' a little better.

Succeeding against this bot requires that the player have either very good defense and patience, or extremely good reactions to visual cues. Optimally, it should be used to build up one of them first and then the other, if the player lacks both. Trying to get most of your points in one specific way may lead to victory eventually, but it can take very long and the mental strain will be the same either way. It is also not the best way to learn. Focusing only on a single Point System will limit the benefit.

Gauge Settings

As with all bots, 1P Health should be set to "Normal". Set 1P CA Gauge to "Auto-Recover" (or "Normal" if you have problems with a particular input, i.e. if your 3-frame move has a similar input to your Critical Art and your aim is not to practice cleaning up execution), and 1P V-Gauge to "Auto-Recover".

Settings for 2P are not relevant at this time other than the usual Health - "Auto-Recover". As of this writing, this bot does not use either meter for anything (most Guile with this style save their meter for Critical Art). Check back when SFV: Arcade Edition becomes available for any modifications, or variants based on new systems.


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without dying.

Points System

Difficulty Levels

Action #1

From far away, 6LP, hidden [6LK, hold 1] 1MP+MK, end recording immediately (just before the V-Skill blade vanishes).


Instead of holding 1 the entire time, first go from 7 to 1 (hitting 4 first is ok if that happens, 8 is not), then hit MP+MK and go back to 7 and end recording. This gives Guile the ability to jump out of poorly timed command throws. If using this Variant, use a Command Throw rather than a 3-frame move to punish his Knee Bazooka for Point System C.

The Variant for this input is much harder than the standard version, however fortunately the player that specializes in characters with Command Throws is probably used to this type of thing and will not have too much trouble with it. Aim to make sure that Guile can throw a LP Sonic Blade from far away when this repeats into itself (when close he may do the two moves separately). For optimal results, if you find that Guile does not block after Knee Bazooka, retry this input until he does.

Action #2


9LP.LP+LK, hold 1 until end, end recording just as he lands.


9LP+LK, hold 1 until end, end recording just as he lands.

Make sure that if you plink, it is not the LK that comes first. While this can be an interesting variant for a few characters, it is generally bad. When played back into itself, if the recording was ended with the right timing, Guile will actually perform a grounded throw when he lands, if this action is played into itself. This is very nice but not vital enough to spend time on with your first attempts. It should be upgraded to this timing as soon as you can comfortably do so. It is not necessary or particularly useful for this input to build a full charge with the 1 input, that is there for defense.

Action #3

6LP, 4HP (hold until end, at least the 4), end recording.

A generally simple input, try to get the two inputs as close together as possible without hiding the 4HP. Holding both the 4 and the HP is helpful for later iterations of this bot but not required. The time that 4 is held is not intended to be enough to build a charge, but the recording should not be ended so fast that the animation of the HP hides the next LP if this action is replayed into itself.

Action #4

From the max range that LP will hit: 6LP, 9, 9HK (as if attempting to cross up with it), once over head hold 1 (in the new direction that a crouch block would be), on landing 1LP, 1LP, hold 1 until end, end recording instantly.

A much more complicated input in terms of interpreting instructions, but familiar to most pressure players, just edge-shifted backwards. When played into itself, if the 1LP makes contact, it should then cancel into a L-Sonic Boom. When used with certain other inputs, the HK will act as a correctly timed jump-in, but generally this will not happen when played by itself.

Action #5

6LP, 6MK, hidden [9], hold 4 until end (long enough to build a charge for a Sonic Boom), end recording.

When played into itself this should jump after a Sonic Boom but not after a blocked or whiffed 6MK. Nothing else is specific about this input and it is lenient.


Still in progress.