FANGBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Spacing and Reaction Execution

The purpose of FANGBot is to teach the player to quickly use their reactions to get close to a character with a relatively strong keepout game based on specials (rather than one that specifically uses 'footsies'). It is not actually intended to teach 'how to get in on an opponent trying to keep you out at all costs', but moreso for tricky opponents who can lure you in and then damage you. It is relatively simple to input, though some of the inputs are strange/not natural for most players and might require a bit more focus than usual. Variation in one of the inputs should be considered based on the player's style/character, but that input is easy enough to redo and replace at will for those who play multiple characters. No corresponding differences in Point Systems are required.

Note that FANGBot initially may seem easy to input due to less complicated hidden inputs, but it requires an understanding of charge timings to use a technique we will call 'edge shifting', blending the start of one action onto the end of a previous action to create a variable charge move outcome, without the drawback of creating easily predicted patterns.

Players unfamiliar with charge characters/timing may need some extra practice doing these moves with the shortest charge window they can manage, so that the bot is not too slow.

Wherever possible, the team has used the frames of normals to fill the gaps for the player automatically.

How exactly the player wins against this bot/their approaches to it, depends almost completely on their character's abilities at mid-range, so no specific advice can be given in this section. Note that since the bot defends often, it is not completely necessary to know Frame Data at first, and you should only need to doublecheck things later.

Gauge Settings

As with all bots, 1P Health should be set to "Normal". Set 1P CA Gauge to "Auto-Recover", and 1P V-Gauge to "Auto-Recover".

Settings for 2P are Health - "Auto-Recover", V-Gauge - "Auto-Recover", CA Gauge - "Normal".


Completing each action gives 1 point. If you throw FANG (even on command throw characters) subtract 1 point unless it was an EX Command Throw. Try to get to 10 points without dying.

Points System

Difficulty Levels

Action #1


63LP+HP, quickly hold 1, hidden [1MP+MK, 1MP+MK], 1MP 1MP (doesn't matter which of these is hidden, for certain player rhythms both can be), end recording immediately while holding 1.


6LP+HP, 1MP 1MP (doesn't matter which of these is hidden, for certain player rhythms both can be), end recording immediately while holding 1.

Try to press 1 as soon as you can after hitting MP+HP. Aim for the perfect version of this input at first even if your execution is not usually good enough for Perfect versions, and use the Acceptable version as an indicator of which parts you can allow to be 'wrong'. This input is a relatively tricky edge-shift, for a charge input, since it requires an extra direction. Test it with action 3 to confirm the 'Acceptable' version(s). If it was done perfectly however it should be testable into itself with the result of EX Sotoja.

Action #2


From close range, 6KKK, hold 1, hidden [1HP+HK 1PPP?] 1PPP, end recording immediately while holding 1 (don't wait for his Snake Crouch to fully animate)

It is often likely/necessary to hit 1PPP more than once due to timings due to the V-Cancel. It is possible to record this without 2P side having any V-Meter to make it a little easier, but it can throw the timing off a little. We suggest 'V-Timer' set to 'Minimum' instead. Make extra effort to end the recording quickly, as it improves the bot for most players, but first attempts are usually fine. Judge this by testing the bot when complete and see if it consistently does the crouch for too long (it should only do it for a long time when action #2 replays into itself). Experiment with this one, different rhythms create different scenarios.

Action #3

From far away, 9MP+MK, hold 1, end recording just as FANG lands.

If this is played back into itself and the 9MP+MK was perfect, he will do Nishikyu, not Sotoja. If absolutely perfect he often will not jump after Nishikyu and will just do a second, or this will happen if you hit him.

Action #4

From far away, 6LK+MK, hidden [5/6/3/2LP+LK], 3LK+MK, end recording.


Press either 2HP or 44 (backdash) as the last input instead. If your character closes in easily or uses 'safe-on-block' charge moves to close distance, use the backdash. If they have a lot of aerial approaches or mobility and you tend to use this, use 2HP. Point Systems do not change.

Note that the direction that is pressed with LP+LK does not matter too much, all options are listed, use whatever is easiest. The only requirement is that the resulting throw must be a forward throw. If using a variant, use whichever of those directions makes it easiest to do your particular variant.

Action #5


63MK+HK hidden [23LP+LK], end recording instantly.


3MK+HK, 3LP+LK, end recording quickly.

The perfect version of this input unlocks his ability to do his 'Snake Crawl'. It is very rare when the bot is fully active, but can be tested by hitting him a little with only Action #5 active, especially with cross ups. It also reduces his tendency to sweep and replaces some of them with Ryobenda, relative to the 'Acceptable' version.


Still in progress.