EnkiduBot v1.0

Difficulty Easy

Focus Basic Punish Awareness and Defense

Note that UNIST does not save bots separately and it does not save them between uses of the game, you must re-input a bot whenever you restart the game, so we have used much simpler inputs that can be used across multiple characters (it keeps the inputs when switching characters).

This bot is for getting used to the game and the variability of combo routes. Beginners can use it to practice keeping many different combo paths 'prepared', while facing a character that isn't too overwhelming. Making sure to remain aware enough to anti-air correctly in addition to all that, without 'mashing' or being aggressive enough to get countered or frame-trapped by Enkidu, is a learning process that should improve the player's focus and comfort with the game's offensive mechanics. He is also good for helping you get new ideas for combos, or just practicing the harder ones that start with longer ranged or stronger normals. Execution focused players can also use him to practice the execution for their various offensive Option Select inputs.

Enkidu has some long-ranged low attacks, and a relatively long ranged Overhead attack that does not extend his hurtbox, meaning that even though he does not have many 'true' high-low mixups for a player who is familiar, the bot can help you to become such a player. Note that the first/closest possible hit of Enkidu's Force Function 'Tidal Spin' is also a low attack.

Mika is the best character for inputting the Mika-Type bot for training characters such as Enkidu and Mika herself (as well as being the way to get a sort of 'SpamBot' for the characters where the 'regular SpamBot inputs' don't work: Byakuya, Nanase, Merkava). On a good day Enkidu's flow is solid and varied, not necessarily unpredictable, but not so obvious that the player should do the same thing after every move. On a suboptimal day he overuses his 66C and spends too much time doing his Force Function and counter stance without getting close often enough to make these threatening (usually a problem with Action #3).

Gauge Settings

Settings for 1P are VIT Gauge - Varies (see Goals section below), EXS Gauge - 0%

Settings for 2P are VIT Gauge - "100%", EXS Gauge - 200%

Universal settings: EXS Gauge Default (it does not increase automatically), GRD Gauge - "Default", Health Recovery - "Auto Recovery Off".


Completing each action gives 1 point. Whenever your opponent is defeated, check your health rating, and set your Health to approximately that value for the next round, and continue your count. Try to get to 10 points without being defeated (if you are, reset your health to 100% and restart your count).

Points System

Difficulty Levels

Special UNISTBot Input Instruction Notes

UNIST starts recordings using the X button/Confirm button on controllers. It begins the recording instantly. However, it will also accept the input that is bound to this button in the Controller Configuration as the first part of the recorded input, if you hold down the button when you start the recording. It also gives you just enough time to hold a direction as well. Use this method to record the inputs. For example, Action #5, change your X/Confirm button to A+B in the Controller Settings, and you should be able to get it to accept 6A+B as soon as possible.

Action #1

Record from close.

4A, 1B, 123 end recording instantly

The 1B is more important for Enkidu than for Mika, and most of the SpamBot characters 'don't care'. This input should not be able to do any specials when played by itself. If it can, you wiggled too much or went all the way to 6 at the end, but if you do it quite cleanly/quickly, jumping over Mika's head may trigger her 623A, which can be helpful.

Action #2

3B, hidden [66], end recording instantly

This simply does Mika's 3B when played by itself. Depending on your precise timing and speed she may do a short dash before doing the move, but generally there's very little harm in this. She should not be able to do the dash and the 3B separately, but it is fine if she can just repeat 3B without ever dashing. This input is easy to redo for most people and can be used to change if you are using a 'SpamBot' but the rhythm of the bot will be affected quite a lot if you change it to anything other than a command normal. Since this bot already has a charged 6C, we suggest not using any charged normals here either.

Action #3

1C (can hold this without a problem) 9 1, end recording instantly

The timing for hitting the 9 and the 1 are actually strict. They have the same timing as a Jump Cancel from 1C, so you may want to test that a few times (we suggest choosing Player Character as Mika or Enkidu when doing so, since forgetting to stop recordings early enough while testing can erase or corrupt other recordings, in UNIST). Basically, start with 1C and 'Jump Cancel the Options Button' to get this right.

Action #4

6C(hold) hidden [6A+D] 565 end recording instantly

The intention here is to get a dash, and when played by itself it should be able to do a 66C. Try to optimize it so that you do not end up inputting an entire dash, just the 565 (neutral, forward, neutral) at the end. This helps with a few things in the rhythm of the bot. This input is not long, even though one needs to hold the C until you get the charged 6C. Optimally the end of the recording is before that move finishes animating completely. Generally when played by itself it should just repeatedly 66C, but some rhythms can whiff throw as well and this isn't a problem.

Action #5

4B 6B+C hidden [321] end recording instantly

The 6B+C is not hidden, on Mika especially this will cause her 5BB. Try to make sure not to go all the way back to 4 in this input. Since it starts with 4B, though, when played back into itself it will still do a character's 214 move. If done with a particular speed, it can also use certain other moves one might not expect when the player jumps over, or similar. Therefore it's hard to understand sometimes if this input is flawed, so be careful. This is the input that affects the bot's outputs the most. Therefore this is the Character type specific input, this one is known as the 'Mika' type input.


Still in progress.