EdBot v1.0

Difficulty Beginner

Focus Closing In and Dash->Throws

The intention of this bot is to help train your ability to find gaps in an opponent's movements and take advantage of them to get close.

EdBot is intended to use many moves to keep the opponent from approaching from the front, and variants to prevent other approaches as well, while using as many of Ed's tools as possible to help players also learn certain less obvious parts of the matchup. Some other basic skills such as anti-airs and punishing sweeps are also included.

There are a lot of inputs that are hidden in the animations or recovery of other moves, which come out if the bot gets interrupted or the actions get played on different timings. All inputs are specified in a "Perfect" and "Acceptable" form. They make the bot better, but if its too hard to put in the "Perfect" form, it's fine to just ignore it.

Gauge Settings

As with all bots, 1P Health should be set to "Normal". The 1P CA Gauge can be set to "Auto-Recover" or "Normal" at the user's preference, and 1P V-Gauge to "Normal" or "Auto Recover" at the user's preference as well, depending on what resources they need available to do the combos they wish to practice if doing the easy version.

These settings may change based on your goals, explained in the Difficulty section below.

Settings for 2P are Health - "Auto-Recover", V-Gauge - "Auto-Recover", CA Gauge - "Auto Recover".


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without dying.

Points System


Difficulty Levels

Action #1

Record from far away.


6+MP, MP+MK (hold, should cause Psycho Spark), hidden [LK+HK, release MP+MK], end recording.


6+MP, MP+MK (should cause Psycho Spark) hidden [LK+HK], end recording.

This should replay as a regular Psycho Spark loop when played back. If Ed uses V-Skill too often without being hit, slow the ending of the recording. If he spends too much time just standing normally, speed up when you end the recording, according to your ability.

Action #2


LP+MP+HP, hidden [1HP 1LP 1HP 1LP 1(any Punch)], end recording


1LP+MP+HP, hidden [1HP, then 4 or more of any Punch Input rapidly], end recording

The Perfect version only improves the chances of certain progressions from one recording into the other. The precise inputs lead to the potential for 1HP into Psycho Flicker. This bot becomes significantly less effective if Ed does not do Psycho Flicker, but can still be used before that until the player is able to easily win, therefore the speed of the punch inputs can be considered lenient at first for those who cannot do them quickly.

Action #3

Range of input for this does not matter too much, as long as the Psycho Knuckle hits


5HP (hold until a non directional button press later), hidden [9, 6 6 (dash) LP+LK(throw)], end recording immediately


5HP, (hold until he does the Psycho Knuckle), hidden [9 (ok to have 8 here as long as it comes after 9), 6 6 (dash)] LP+LK (does not need to be hidden in acceptable form but is generally easy to hide)

Be careful not to hold the HP right up until the recording end, or #3 -> #3 playback progressions get strange and it affects jump-ins.

Action #4

Must be input from minimum range


1HK, HP+HK (should cancel into V-Trigger, can use 5 or any grounded direction), hidden [MP+MK (hold)], 9, end recording as soon as you manage to hit 9.


1HK, 1HP+HK (should cancel into V-Trigger), hidden [1MP+MK (hold)], 9, end recording as soon as you manage to hit 9.

The difference between perfection and acceptability here is harder to judge. Try to do this fast, and it should replay into itself as a jumping HK after a crouching HK if V-Trigger bar is set to Normal for Ed. Adjust the timings until it does a jumping HK that you feel suits your character's antiair difficulties. If doing this with VTrigger bar full, recording is usually ended just as Ed says 'Time' if using EN voice for Ed. Also, using 1MP+MK instead of 5MP+MK changes which VSkill Ed uses, and makes the bot easier, but even the Perfect version has no strict requirement on this.

Action #5

This is similar to #2. Input it from far away.


HP+LP, hidden [4 4 (backdash), wait about the duration of a backdash, 6+MP] immediately end recording


HP+LP, hidden [4 4], 6+MP, immediately end recording

This should repeat regular Psycho Upper most of the time if done correctly, but 1x Psycho Upper into a backdash is also good. Redo if Ed cannot do EX Psycho Spark after a backdash, or if multiple consecutive backdashes happen, when this action is replayed into itself.


Still in progress.