BlankaBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Punish OS and Ambiguous Moves

The purpose of BlankaBot is to teach the player to look for punish options that cover multiple situations, against an opponent whose moves have ambiguous start-up or on-block animations. At higher levels, it may be possible to learn something very similar to option-selects. Blanka is a character that specializes in ambiguous moves and he can use this to escape taking much damage even when he is punished for his unsafe ones. He also has quite a few moves with deceptive and evasive hitboxes, so he is good for forcing you to learn these so that you do not have to deal with guessing which move is coming out in close situations, or push your reactions too hard when under the stress of a match. This bot is a bit difficult to input and utilizes more advanced bot input techniques such as FirstFrame perfect inputs. Variation in one of the inputs should be considered based on the player's style/character. No corresponding differences in the main Point Systems are required.

Note that BlankaBot initially may seem easy to input due to less complicated hidden inputs, but it requires an understanding of charge timings to use a technique we will call 'edge shifting', blending the start of one action onto the end of a previous action to create a variable charge move outcome, without the drawback of creating easily predicted patterns. Additionally unlike some of our other bots (characters with charge moves specifically) BlankaBot requires much stricter FirstFrame inputs.

Players unfamiliar with charge characters/timing may need some extra practice doing these moves with the shortest charge window they can manage, so that the bot is not too slow. Additionally if a player is struggling with FirstFrame inputs, they should practice doing so before trying to do the full input.

Wherever possible, the team has used the frames of normals to fill the gaps for the player automatically.

How exactly the player wins against this bot/their approaches to it, depends almost completely on their character's punish capacity at far-range, so no specific advice can be given in this section. Again, note that this bot has an Action (#4) that the player can modify to their own needs and it will retain all of the main actions required for training with it.

Gauge Settings

As with all bots, 1P Health should be set to "Normal". Set 1P CA Gauge to "Auto-Recover", and 1P V-Gauge to "Normal".

Settings for 2P are V-Trigger - I (suggested, see rest of page for further details), Health - "Auto-Recover", V-Gauge - "Auto-Recover", CA Gauge - "Normal".


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without dying and before Blanka gets to 10 points if you chose to give him the points in the Hard or Extreme versions.

Points System

Difficulty Levels

Action #1


From far away, FirstFrame 6LP+LK, hold 1 immediately until end for charge, hidden [1KKK], 1MP and hold the 1MP until recording end


From far away, FirstFrame 6LP+LK, hold 1 immediately until end for charge, 1MP and hold the 1MP until recording end, end

Try to press 1 as soon as you can after hitting LP+LK. For the perfect version use a separate button for the triple kick. Test it with action 2 to confirm the charge is correct. If the perfect version is done correctly the triple kick version will be hidden by the throw. If you happen to plink the throw input due to not using a throw button, it is ok, if the first button of the plink was FirstFrame 6LP, but it may cause some issues with Negative Edge.

Action #2

5MP+MK hidden [5HP+HK] end

Should be able to use 5MK (and part of his target combo) if done correctly, when played in conjunction with Action #1 or #3. 5MP+5MK must not be plinked so set a button for it. Since it has no direction, it will automatically be a FirstFrame input, but if you want to add one for any reason, be sure it is FirstFrame. If using VT2, adding a direction with the HP+HK may help, and command normals such as his 3HP can be added here.

Action #3

From far away, FirstFrame 6PPP(hold till end), hold 1 long enough to make a charge, end recording.

If this is played back into itself the triple punch should not show up in the inputs. He should crouch, and occasionally inch forward, but never do any actual moves. This may take a few tries due to either specifics of your controller/fightstick, or the input polling of the game.

Action #4


From far away, FirstFrame 9MP+MK(until end), plinked LK(or press the LK along with the MP+MK but no need to hold it), end in air(preferably at height of jump)


From far away, First Frame 9MP+MK(until end), end in air


This is the input that can be replaced with whatever the player prefers, especially if they wish to use Blanka's VT2 for training. We suggest keeping at least the start of it as a V-Skill based thing. The other inputs will sometimes convert it into a MK if it is FirstFrame.

The perfect version, if done correctly, when looping into itself should only show a 9LK and occasionally do a grounded LK into an instant 9LK. The V-Skill should not be present. Without the LK, Blanka will lose the ability to do his invincible EX Vertical Rolling. If the MP+MK is not held, or not held quite until the end, Blanka may use his V-Skill more, and it can make the Blanka match up harder to learn for certain characters (zoners), but might be more useful to others (grapplers). If using VT2, since Blanka is more likely to fight in neutral, consider using MP+MK+HP+HK (no need to hold the Heavy Buttons) with the 9 input.

Action #5


FirstFrame 6KKK, late hidden [63214 while simultaneously 3HP, 2MP, 1LP in sequence with at least one more input or plink] end recording


6KKK, hidden [63214 while simultaneously four different Punch or multi-punch inputs in sequence] end

Pianoing, mashing, plinking, or w/e technique is acceptable to get the triple punches out while getting the half circle back. If done correctly when combined with Action 3 he should be able to do electricity and EX electricity at various times. This input is sort of lenient, so even if he always ends up just doing electricity after Surprise Forward, the bot can be used like this. The important part is to get the '63214 end' edge-shift so that he can do his command throw.


Still in progress.