ZekuBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Match Flow Awareness and Matchup

ZekuBot is an advanced bot intended to teach the player how to keep their mind on the opponent's likely strategy and how to adapt their own. As the character has two entirely different modes, the understanding of the matchup is more important, and therefore this version of the bot ensures to cover as much of this as possible. Inputs for this character are just as technical and complicated as the character himself, and there is very little true leniency, however most of the inputs are not very fast. The important part is to understand the aim of each, and using this to figure out whether or not the input has been done correctly. Many of the punishes you will need to learn are critical to the matchup and change between modes. However, to input ZekuBot perfectly is incredibly difficult if you have not input or used our other bots, so we do not suggest that new users who have not used our bots before, to start here, unless they are extremely confident in their execution.

Successful play against this bot, if it is input correctly, will increase awareness of spacing of the player character's longer strikes and improve mental ability to adapt to changing conditions in the match. Though he uses many things that do not grant points when punished, the player should still try to learn some, for example ranged Hozanto, which varies in how safe it is.

Gauge Settings

As with all bots, 1P Health should be set to "Normal". 1P CA Gauge should be set to "Normal", and 1P V-Gauge should be set to "Auto-Recover".

Settings for 2P are Health - "Auto-Recover", V-Gauge - "Normal", CA Gauge - "Normal".


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without dying.

Points System

Difficulty Levels

Action #1


5LP+HP, hidden [44 5LP+HP], 7 (until jump), 41236 end recording instantly.


5LP+HP, hidden [Transformation Input], 7 (until jump), 41236 end recording instantly.


To either remove his transformation entirely for some reason, or add V-Skill, change this input, either removing the Transformation, adding MP+MK at the moment of pressing 7, or both. These do not specifically enhance the bot, but they are known to be successful change points.

If this input is done correctly, Zeku will alternate backward jumping, with wall jumps in young form, and transformation. Tweak the timing of the 7 input to get the desired result seen in the video.

Action #2


23KKK, hidden [63KKK 6PPP], 44 2 end recording instantly.


3KKK hidden [3KKK 6PPP] 44 end recording quickly.


An additional HP+HK or MP+MK input can be added directly after 6PPP to enable those buttons, but is often unhelpful unless very close to/hidden within the backdash.

The perfect version of this input is able to do Gram: Koku when perfectly done and played into itself. It is not recommended to devote a lot of time to getting this precisely correct, but if some or all of the perfect input happens 'accidentally', this is beneficial. For this reason, the 2 at the end can be useful. It can also be used to increase his number of transformations if combined with a Variant of action #5.

Action #3


6LK, hidden [6LK 6LP+LK], 6LP, 6MP end recording instantly.


6LK, hidden [6LK 6LK 6LP+LK], 6LP, 6MP end recording instantly.

One extra Kick input or a plinked throw are both okay here. When recorded in young form from close range this should allow for Zeku's target combo. Practice doing 6LK and then the hidden inputs so that only the LK comes out. The MP will come out even if plinked or the recording is ended very fast, and this is intended. You should basically hit the button and not wait much, just long enough to make sure it registers the MP at all. Test this input with Action #1 and #5 later to confirm Target Combo success.

Action #4


From close enough to hit, FirstFrame 1/2LP+HP+MK, cancel 214LK+MK, buffer hidden [236LK+MK, 236 end recording instantly].


From close enough to hit, 1/2LP+HP+MK, cancel 214LK+MK, buffer hidden [236LK+MK, 236 end recording instantly].

A recording done from older form, become familiar with how early Gram: Koku can be buffered from the other Gram in order to understand how to time this. The recording should end while he is still in a Gram animation, before the Koku version comes out at all, for best results. The MK here has many purposes, and should not be plinked. If the bots behaviour changes after a patch, please check this page again for updates.

Action #5


2MP (hold for Negative Edge), hidden [1/2HP], 14.release MP (Negative Edge M-Hozanto should happen), hidden [5HK 5LK 5LP], 236 end recording instantly.


2MP (hold), hidden 2/1HP(hold), 14(completing 214 motion) release MP (negative edge Hozanto), hidden [5HK, 5LK 5LP] 236 end, end recording.


Use 2LP+MP instead, to increase his number of possible transformations, particularly if the Perfect version of action #2 was input.

Another young form recording, and possibly the hardest recording of all Season 2 Bots. The 2MP does not need to be FirstFrame but it helps a lot. It is easiest to hold the HP and release the MP, mentally. When played with Action #3, this should allow his full Target Combo in young form. Old form should do variations of Bushin Flip. Depending on how the HK is timed, he may use it in neutral, if you find this makes things too easy, try to hit the HK when releasing the MP and delay the other two buttons slightly relatively.


Still in progress.