PhononBot v1.0

Difficulty Beginner

Focus Shield Mechanic and Punishes

Note that UNIST does not save bots separately and it does not save them between uses of the game, you must re-input a bot whenever you restart the game, so we have used much simpler inputs that can be used across multiple characters (it keeps the inputs when switching characters).

The intention of this bot is to help train your mind to get used to your punishes and defenses against opponents that are good at keeping you out. It is the bot that has a bit better defense and rythm than the other introductory spacing and awareness style bots such as Wagner-style bots. Merkava-style bots are a bit more difficult to open up, making confirming into a hit even more imperative to be aware of so you can follow through with your characters combos in neutral.

Merkava is a good character for inputting the Merkava-Type bot for training characters such as Phonon and Merkava himself, as some of his inputs such as Action #3 are much easier to tell if you do the recording correctly. On a good day Phonon will use her projectile attacks a bit to keep you out and flow naturally. On a less optimal day her movement is a bit more 'stuttery' and jumpy, and she will use less projectiles.

Gauge Settings

Settings for 1P are VIT Gauge - Varies (see Goals section below), EXS Gauge - 0%

Settings for 2P are VIT Gauge - "100%", EXS Gauge - 200%

Universal settings: EXS Gauge Default (it does not increase automatically), GRD Gauge - "Default", Health Recovery - "Auto Recovery Off".


Completing each action gives 1 point. Whenever your opponent is defeated, check your health rating, and set your Health to approximately that value for the next round, and continue your count. Try to get to 10 points without being defeated (if you are, reset your health to 100% and restart your count).

Points System

Difficulty Levels

Special UNISTBot Input Instruction Notes

UNIST starts recordings using the X button/Confirm button on controllers. It begins the recording instantly. However, it will also accept the input that is bound to this button in the Controller Configuration as the first part of the recorded input, if you hold down the button when you start the recording. It also gives you just enough time to hold a direction as well. Use this method to record the inputs. For example, Action #5, change your X/Confirm button to A+B in the Controller Settings, and you should be able to get it to accept 6A+B as soon as possible.

Action #1

Record from close.

4A, 4B, 123 end recording instantly.

Should be able to do a short combo from up close. This input can be difficult for less experienced players as it requires one to be quick while still stopping directly on down-forward instead of going to forward. If done correctly when this Action plays into Action #2 or Action #4, it should be able to do her projectile attack (236X).

Action #2

6A+B, hidden [32147], end recording instantly.

If this is done correctly when played into itself it should mainly back jump but still be able to do the forward 'air dash'. When combined with Action #1 it should be able to do Merkava's Execute Breath (Air fireball). If this input is done quickly enough that the character doesn't leave the ground visually for the back jump at the end of the recording, it results in a much smoother bot with better jump and special timings. This makes it the optimal recording for the bot, but it is not necessary to get it this perfectly in order to use the bot.

Action #3

Record from far

3C 88 22, end recording instantly.

This recording should be done from far away on Merkava. If done correctly, Merkava should be able to use his fly, and occasionally put down worms/snakes when played into itself. Phonon will be able to do a long ranged whip-snap explosion.

Action #4

Standard Input

4B+C hidden [6D] end recording instantly.

Alternative Input

6B+C hidden [6D] end recording instantly.

This is a difficult input to test, as it mostly just attempts to use the Force Function. Poke it and see if it Assaults. You may also use variants on this to reduce the amount of 236B and 236C moves the bot does, by using 4B+C instead, and you can get less Assault by using A+D instead of D (in this case you can also just do 4A+D if you want to remove the grounded Assault entirely for some reason).

The alternative input style of this bot should therefore be used if the player desires Phonon to use more fireballs for their training.

Action #5

66B(hold the B for a short while) 1 (hold a bit such that the character is in it's crouching animation for a bit) end

This is the Character type specific input, this one is known as the 'Merkava' type input. To check if this recording was done correctly replay it by itself on Phonon to see if her overhead style 66B actually hits as an overhead attack. If the B is not held for long enough she will be unable to do the stronger version of the move and will not leave the ground. If this recording does not have 1 held for long enough (down-back) the bot will not be able to block correctly and its rhythm will be 'off'. Try to keep the input between 45-60 frames. As you continually enter this bot you will gradually learn what rhythm works best for you (and therefore how long you need 1 to be held).


Still in progress.