KolinBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Understanding Hit- and Hurt-Boxes

KolinBot is an advanced bot exhibiting a great variety of Kolin's abilities to provide experience with handling highly mobile, defensive characters, as well as providing opportunities to identify, test and practice evasive hitbox manipulations. Compared to many of our Advanced bots, her inputs require much less special techniques, but a lot more precision and speed, and unfortunately she is not as effective when they are not input very cleanly, meaning that it may be difficult to get the most out of this bot without good execution skills.

Since the specifics of hitboxes for characters' moves vastly differs, it is difficult or impossible to give general advice regarding KolinBot, another factor which makes us classify her as an Advanced bot. Not only does the player need to understand the character they are using quite well, they must also be able to visualize situations that could be slightly different than what tends to happen. This is so that they do not fall into an easy routine of spacing at all times, and instead learn to react to 'scramble' situations.

Gauge Settings

As with all bots, 1P Health should be set to "Normal". As this an advanced bot, gauge settings are tied to Difficulty. The player may set V-Gauge and CA Gauge to whatever their preference is for Easy-mode

Settings for 2P are Health - "Auto-Recover", V-Gauge - "Auto-Recover", CA Gauge - "Auto-Recover".


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without dying.

Preliminary Points System


Difficulty Levels

Action #1

2MP+MK, hidden [2HP 2HP+HK] 1LP or 2LP (should combo), end recording (as if using end recording button to chain another move).

Some aspects of this were changed in an update, therefore the LP may not combo. Players should record it 'as quickly as possible', i.e. as if it could.

Action #2

66, hidden [214MP+HP], 1LP+LK, hidden [2HP, 2HP] 623LP (multimotions ok) end recording when the hail ball starts to form.


The hidden [214MP+HP] can be changed to any of Kolin's other two EX Counters if the player does not focus on Point System B.

The two heavy punch inputs should be just far enough apart that they would appear as two actual crouching heavy punches if they were not hidden (this is lenient, and only one is vital for the bot).

Action #3

214HK, hidden [instant 236LP+LK 236LP+LK], end recording before she starts to fall, basically as soon as you have gotten the CA motion and she is in the air.

This input is able to do her Critical Art because of how the game interprets the LP+LK input for throws in different situations. It can, with luck, also do her air-throw grab after the launcher from EX Parabellum, but generally this won't happen or work. It does, however, create a similar spacing even though it does not usually do this grab.

Action #4

2HK (quickly canceled into) 236 LP+MP, hidden [623LP+MP 623LP+MP] (if this is erratic or 'mashy' it should still work without serious problems), hold 6 then hold 9 as she is about to do the launcher and end recording there.

Requires a bit of familiarity with when the commands for her launcher followups go in, that's basically when the recording should end. This is not strict for the bot purpose, i.e. if she doesn't do launcher followups it is not relevant.

Action #5

214 MK, hidden [5MK 5MP 5MP+MK (all before she actually could use these as an input for the Vanity Step)], recording ends before she even starts to move forward again.


The 5MP can be changed to one of the below with the listed effect:

  • 5HP - Will occasionally cause a regular High Frost Touch (counter) Use this for Balrog, Guile, Vega, and Bison.
  • 5MP+HP - Will occasionally cause an EX High Frost Touch (counter). Use this for Urien, Akuma, Ken, and Ryu.
  • 2HP - Will cause a different blockstring during Vanity Step. Use for FANG, Ed, Kolin, and Rashid.

If replayed alone this should loop into itself causing repeated 5MK hits with the Vanity Step. Noting that this is super hard to do, it's done literally as fast as possible, recording ends before she even starts to move forward, as noted above.


Still in progress.