KasumiBot v1.0

Difficulty Intermediate

Focus Spacing and Base Neutral

In DoA, the basics of neutral rely on you being able to find the space where your opponent only has one or two easily-understandable and holdable actions, and they must find other ways to get in on you, which are usually reactable.

KasumiBot is a good simulation of a beginner player who is still able to adapt to a player punishing their attempts to control neutral. However, if the player cannot understand how to control neutral themselves, they will not be able to take advantage of the opportunities that KasumiBot leaves to the player. Therefore, to use this bot effectively, the player must learn both the furthest range Kasumi can hit the player with her mid-kick, and the space where their own kick can still whiff punish her.

Stage Settings

Since DoA6, as of this writing, has no meaningful gauge settings or settings relevant to action replays in Training Mode, definitions for this section are related only to which stage to use. This may be updated in future if certain things change in the Free Training Mode

The stage for this bot training is Seaside Eden or any stage very similar in layout and size.


Completing each action gives 1 point. Get to 10 points to win. Try to keep track of Kasumi's points as well, as this is part of the mental exercise. If Kasumi gets to 10 points, she 'wins' and the count restarts.

Points System

Difficulty Levels

Action #1

6K hidden [1T 1P] 1K (this does second hit of 6K) hidden [6H] (end recording)

Even when replayed, usually all the hidden inputs will still be hidden. To test them, you must actually use the bot for a bit, however, since this is simply a button sequence, almost all pressed with the same directional input, generally it is not too difficult.

Action #2

1K hidden [1H+K] 44 (backdash) 4H 3P (end recording)

It is important to end this recording quickly, or Kasumi will not have differences in the follow-up from her 3P. Otherwise, the input is fairly lenient. Sometimes the backdash is hidden in the replay, but usually the 4H is visible.

Action #3

8P hidden [1.9H (Kasumi's teleporting high hold)] hidden [] 4T (end recording)

The empty [] block indicates a space where the player can put one input of their preference, but they should make sure that this input is hidden, or that it is a reasonable follow-up to Kasumi's 8P. For now, we suggest not putting anything in this block, and simply delaying slightly before the 4T. As shown in the video, if the 8P hits at max range, the throw generally will not.


Still in progress.