JuriBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Mindset Switching and Knockdown Pressure

The purpose of JuriBot is to train players who already know their meaties, but have tendencies to autopilot or stick too much into the offensive or defensive mindset and become predictable. The bot has stronger wake-up options than LauraBot, and is more likely to punish, escape, or otherwise make timing meaty attacks difficult. The harder versions of it are also focused more on switching mindsets by forcing the player to focus on defense and slowing themselves down while still keeping meaties in mind. The bot is also capable of most of Juri's tactics, allowing players to get at least some practice with the matchup while fighting it.

There is no such thing as truly 'successful' play against this bot. By design, it is intended to frustrate the player and test their ability to hold a comfortable mindset while constantly being at risk of taking damage from an invincible move when attempting a meaty attack. From the Juri matchup perspective, however, there are definitely things the player can learn about her moves and frame data from the bot in order to make their lives easier, and at least minimize the chances of being defeated by something other than those invincible wake-up options.

Gauge Settings

As with all bots, 1P Health should be set to "Normal". 1P CA Gauge and 1P V-Gauge should be set according to the player's character preference, aim to use the settings that will help best train the meaties/punishes you are aiming for, or force more awareness, as needed.

Settings for 2P are Health - "Auto-Recover", V-Gauge - any (according to what part of the matchup the player is interested in), CA Gauge - "Auto-Recover" (use "Maximum Start" if just using for warmups or if your version of the bot seems to do too much CA on wakeup).


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without dying.

Points System

Difficulty Levels

Action #1

1MP+MK (hold MP+MK until end), 44 (backdash cancel the V-Skill), (4)1236LK+HK, hold 1, late hidden [1LP], end recording.

The 1MP+MK does not need to be FirstFrame, the 1LP happens very close to the end of the EX Fuharin animation, and the recording ending is pressed right after (but not extremely fast and there is no need to try to hold the LP). If the timing for the LP and recording ending is absolutely perfect, she will be able to EX Fuharin and backdash out of a throw punish. This is hard to do and is not required for the rhythm of the bot, but the closer one gets, the better it flows. Attempt to press the 1LP during the last hit of the Fuharin, but it differs by player and how quickly one inputs the backdash cancel.

Action #2

623LP, hidden [1HP+HK, 5/6LP, 5/6MP+LP], 5/6MP+LP, 623MP+HP (mashable), end recording (no need to wait for most of EX Pinwheel to animate).

This input is quick, but is very lenient regarding being mashed, using input shortcuts or messy inputs, or being repeated in certain parts (see video). The timing for the ending of it is also lenient. Focus on getting the flow right and don't worry so much about the inputs except to make sure that her 5MP combos into the EX Pinwheel. More inputs just means more quickrise.

Action #3

1MP, 214MK, 214LP+LK, 214 end recording.

If recording this with CA Gauge on, the first 214, with LP+LK, will cancel the Ryodansatsu into her CA. The other 214 will seldom do anything so the edge-shift timing for it can be lenient in terms of 'how quickly it is done after the CA animation starts'. But as always, try to hit the end recording as if it were the attack button. This adds certain canceled CA, but usually will not do wakeup CA due to rhytms unless the player is using raw knockdowns too often in neutral to get their points for meaties. If you find the first cancel to be hard, you should have enough time to go to 6 or 3 and do the 214MK from there.

Action #4

5MP+MK (hold until end), 5LP+LK+HK, 9, end recording quickly.

This input's length determines how long Juri's V-Skill charges are. Generally it should be short so that she does not jump too much and the rhythm of other moves does not get messed up.

Action #5

214HK, 1/2LK (multipress ok), 236LK (will not do the move unless the previous 2LK hit), 1/2LP, 236LP, 5LK, end recording.

This is a fairly relaxed lenient sequence that gives Juri some V-Trigger mode pressure and basic mixups as well as Fuharin Charges and keeps her 'quieter' in the neutral occasionally. Try to input it as close to the video shown as possible both in timings and actual appearance. There is no way to easily explain which inputs are hidden and which are not, and it often does not matter very much.


Still in progress.