GBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Conditional Punishes/Approaches

This bot is designed to help teach you how to take a more measured approach when faced with opponents that have many tools for pushing you out and keeping you at spacings that they benefit from (in this case by making their own moves safer to do). G has very long-ranged normals that push you out quite a bit, yet has the reach to keep up the pressure making him an excellent candidate for this. Additionally GBot is designed to help you train your mind to recognize when an attack cannot be punished from long distance and ingrain the more non-standard reactions they require into your defensive and punish reactions.

G-Bot can be considered therefore to be a harder version of SakuraBot, with only slightly more difficult inputs, for most people. He will not jump in as often or as predictably, but is still intended to help train reactions and spacings.

Input of this bot requires a solid understanding of edge-shifting and a mild understanding of negative edge. If you do not know what edge-shifting means, please check our Glossary page if you have trouble understanding the inputs given. This bot's inputs and scoring system may change slightly depending on your training focus and what character you use. To do well in the early stages of this bot, learning which of your combos knock down and which do not, with your character, will give you a head start.

Gauge Settings

As with all bots, 1P Health should be set to "Normal". To practice the easy versions, leave 1P CA Gauge to "Auto-Recover", and 1P V-Gauge to also "Auto-Recover".

These settings may change based on your goals, explained in the Difficulty section below.

Settings for 2P are V-Trigger - I (V-Trigger II can work but we find it is much less helpful), Health - "Auto-Recover", V-Gauge - "Normal", CA Gauge - "Normal".


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without dying, and before G gets to 10 points.

Points System


Difficulty Levels

Action #1

5PPP (plinks ok), hidden [5LP+LK], 236 end recording instantly

This input when correctly done should replayed into itself to do both G's projectile attack G Burst and, if you were really fast, cancel it into G Charge. When just starting out with this bot, it isn't necessary to do it at that speed to attain the G Charge, but it should be updated as soon as is reasonably possible.

Action #2

From far away, 5MP+MK, hidden [5KKK (may end up being LK+HK)] 66 963214 end recording instantly

If done correctly when played along with Action #3 this input should be able to occasionally do dash then command grab, but may not do this consistently. It is fine, and possibly better, that it is not consistent. It should also be able to do jumping Heavy Kick and Jumping V-Skill, at least when poked (usually it can do it either way). It is not necessary to hide the 9 input, but the bot will jump more if you cannot. If you are very fast with this input, some of the motions may get hidden as well. This is also not a problem.

Action #3


23MP(hold until end) (2)1236 end recording instantly


(2)3MP(hold until end), 236 end recording instantly

The perfect input will allow for G's lunging attacks if the initial 23 was very quick, and a bit more blocking. The Acceptable input may lack this, especially if you were not fast with the first two inputs. Releasing the stick/Directional Pad entirely in order to do the 236 instead of going through the flow indicated in the Perfect version should not cause any problems, only very slightly reduce G's chance of blocking certain things.

Action #4


23MK+HK, hidden [21MP], 1MP+MK(hold), end recording quickly


(2)3MK+HK, hidden [21MP] 1MP+MK(hold) end recording quickly

The perfect input will once again allow for G's lunging attacks when combined with some other inputs, if the initial 23 was very quick. The Acceptable input may lack this, especially if you were not fast with the first two inputs. In this case it is important to flow back to 1 through 2, quickly, as it increases the amount of times he can cancel into G-Charge or do similar things. It is not necessary to make sure the MP+MK input is visible, if it is hidden, this is not a problem.

Action #5

5LK, hidden [5HP+HK], 4HP+HK, hidden [2, 2HP+HK], end recording instantly

The aim with this input is to both activate V-Trigger, and provide another source of 22 inputs for G-Charge and Message To The People, which is why the recording must end so quickly after the second 2 input. It is also possible to make this work by entering the 2HP+HK first and the second separate 2 input after, but it can become unpredictable.


Still in progress.