DiegoBot v1.0

Difficulty Intermediate

Focus Tracking and Advantage

DiegoBot is focused on using Diego's advantaged buttons and the rapid speed of his attacks to repeatedly put the player into situations where a quick defensive reaction is required. The goal here is to learn to evade and whiff-punish Diego's pressure through precisely timed sidesteps, and a clear understanding of the ranges at which he can be effective.

As a character, Diego is focused on pushing the opponent to the corner, using plus buttons and guard breaks to establish pressure, then mixing the opponent up with throws. In the bot, this is represented by Diego's shoulder charge, forward dash, and long-ranged throws, all of which serve to move Diego forward and force the player back. Once cornered, the player has significantly fewer methods of escaping Diego's pressure, meaning that avoiding that situation is a high priority. However, with properly-timed sidesteps, these highly commited approach tools can be evaded and whiff-punished.

While the bot does have several predefined strings of attacks, enough variability is built into the bot that aiming to predict Diego's next actions will be unreliable. Instead, the key here is to learn to carefully observe Diego's movements, and understand his meaningful options at a given range, in order to prime yourself to defend and evade.

Stage Settings

(Since DoA6, as of this writing, has no meaningful gauge settings or settings relevant to action replays in Training Mode, definitions for this section are related only to which stage to use. This may be updated in future if certain things change in the Free Training Mode)

The stage for this bot training is "DoA Colosseum" or any stage very similar in layout and size.


Completing each action gives 1 point. Get to 10 points to win. Try to keep track of Diego's points as well, as this is part of the mental exercise. If Diego gets to 10 points, he 'wins' and the count restarts.

Points System

Difficulty Levels

Action #1

41236T hidden [5PP] 1K hidden [66] (end recording)

This gives DiegoBot a long-ranged throw, and the capacity to dash at unpredictable timings. This input is not very lenient and should probably be recorded from long range where the throw whiffs, but this is not required. If the 1K ends up as the hidden input and the dash is visible, it is likely to be lower quality on that day, but not necessarily worth trying to fix it if you are in a hurry to do some training.

Action #2

236P (hold short time) hidden [4K] 9K hidden hidden [5T] 5PPP (end recording)

The P in the initial 236P only needs to be held for a short time, barely a few frames, and the bot generally works fine against most characters even if it is not held at all. The hidden 4K gives Diego an infrequent long-ranged poke in neutral, and the 9K > PPP enables a strong launcher combo, but this does not always work. The bot simply does less damage when that combo is not happening, so even though it is important to get the inputs in, the result does not have to result in a combo. Additionally, it may result in a combo in neutral but not after the launcher, which is also just fine. For some reason, as shown in the video, the 236P will not always replay as that attack when replayed, so you may need to turn on another input to check if he can do this move.

Action #3

4PP hidden hidden [6H 4H] 1PP (end recording)

By hiding two holds in the 4PP, DiegoBot gains the ability to sometimes punish players for excessive attempts to interrupt his approaches with buttons. This input can actually be varied a little if you find that you are responding poorly to him, simply set the first hold to the one corresponding to the attack type you use in neutral, and set the second hold to the one corresponding to the attack you use to 'mash out of pressure'. Generally Diego will have advantage and defeat you anyway, or lose because you use Throw, but it is still best to do this. (So for example use [4H 7H] in that order if your character has a lunging mid punch, but you hit a 'jab', a high hitting 5P, when trying to interrupt your opponent). If you are a more cautious player, or tend to be hard on yourself for pressing buttons too much in these situations already, the above inputs are optimal, as they will help show Diego's ability for defensive holds at other more appropriate times.


Still in progress.