DBFZ Super Dash v1.0

Difficulty Beginner

Focus Super Dash Timing, Accuracy, and Follow-Ups

The intention of this bot is to help players learn to make the most of their Super Dash and Character Change (the tag method that is also performed as a Super Dash by the incoming character). The Super Dash is a universal and straightforward approach tool that can work in many situations and is frequently used in the beginner level of play, however, it can be slow enough to be countered, and not very damaging making it relatively unrewarding or risky to use in many situations. Therefore to get the most out of it, you need to learn what a Super Dash opportunity looks like, and to improve your accuracy with it to maximize what damage you can get. The team for this is built with a decent ground game to force the player to learn and earn the spacings that are best to use Super Dash from to improve their technical accuracy. Additionally most of the team members have beam attacks and decent assists for punishing Super Dash in more neutral situations where a real opponent would likely be paying attention and ready to respond to the player, forcing the player to watch and wait for clearer openings in the opponent's attack flow.

The characters for this bot are Tien, Base Goku (or Goku Black if DLC is not available, or just if you prefer him), and Super Saiyan Goku, in that order.

Bot Settings

Action Chances:

Gauge Settings

Health Recovery should be set to 'No Recovery' and Assist Cooldown should be set to 'Normal'. Sparking Blast settings should also be normal.

Settings for 1P are Health - 100% (all characters), Ki Gauge - 0.

Settings for 2P are Health - 100% (all characters), Ki Gauge - 1.


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without the opposing team losing more than 1 character or your own team being defeated completely. Note specifically the meaning of 'EXTRA' in Goals C and D below, each grants another point for any A and B achieved with their conditions. So you can gain 2 points for the same action as long as it meets both requirements.

Difficulty Levels


This team's stronger-than-usual pressure from a distance, higher damage output, and generally lower movement/approach based aggression than some of our other teams can challenge the player to improve their awareness of certain defenses required against midscreen mix-ups. Additionally this team does not jump or go airborne too frequently otherwise (without attacking powerfully usually) meaning that at the higher levels it requires the player to not just be able to gain the points for the bot, but to learn how to last long enough to achieve them. While using this bot for its main objective, therefore, one can also gain a better understanding of basic defense at the mid-range against characters who are able to keep you there. The requirements for the bot also help with this.

There is a variation allowed in which you have Action #5 turned on to 100% but this should only be used if you chose to use Goku (Base) as the second character. It is useful ONLY for characters which do not have the strong ability to launch an approaching attack from the air at the same overall spacing that they would do a Super Dash, for example Androids (Cell not included) and Yamcha. This is due to the fact that it slows down the enemy considerably, but it does provide some 'antiair' style minor Ki Blasts that can prevent the player from repositioning easily in order to set up points for Point Systems C and D.

The team has most of the unique attack types at it's disposal. Beams, quick forward moving aerials that can clip, divekicks, and aerial supers. However, with Base Goku you add an additional defensive challenge than just the basic high low mix up. You are also faced with a command grab, that while not too damaging on the bot, can lead to a loss of health that you can't afford. Therefore the player needs to learn not just how to block high low, but also when to jump. Not only can this improve a player's defense, but it creates more opportunities to get the extra points from C and D.

This section will be expanded further in the probably distant future.