DBFZ Opening Up Opponents v1.0

Difficulty Beginner

Focus Opening Up Opponents

The intention of this bot is to help players learn to open up defensive opponents by improving their usage of approach tools from neutral situations.

The characters for this bot are Frieza, Zamasu (or Goku Black if DLC is not available, or just if you prefer him), and Krillin, in that order.

Krillin is likely to hop around and make it hard to target him. If your character doesn't have that issue, for some reason, reverse the order of the 2nd and 3rd characters for this practice.

Bot Settings

Action Chances:

Gauge Settings

Health Recovery should be set to 'No Recovery' and Assist Cooldown should be set to 'Normal'. Sparking Blast settings should also be normal.

Settings for 1P are Health - 100% (all characters), Ki Gauge - your preference.

Settings for 2P are Health - 100% (all characters), Ki Gauge - 1.


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without the opposing team losing more than 1 character or your own team being defeated completely. (Hint: Krillin's settings can affect this due to amount of Senzu Beans used).

Difficulty Levels


This team's strong capability to move out of the way of attacks while counterattacking pushes the player to improve their accuracy under various pressures. While it is possible for many characters with very long crouching Medium attacks to hit with them, the jump-cancel requirement of that point trains the player to confirm and space this as well.

Learning to present a credible threat to the opponent by doing combos in these situations, rather than just stray hits, makes them more likely to play defense in a way that gives the player more chances to attack and find an opening.

This section will be expanded further in the probably distant future.