DBFZ Defense v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Defense

The intention of this bot is to help players learn to maintain their defense under pressure.

The characters for this use of the bot are Adult Gohan, Cell, and Android 16, in that order (switch the second two if your Action #1 uses the Assist2 Button).

Bot Settings

Action Chances:

Gauge Settings

Health Recovery should be set to 'No Recovery' and Assist Cooldown should be set to 'Normal'. Sparking Blast settings should also be normal.

Settings for 1P are Health - 100% (all characters), Ki Gauge - your preference.

Settings for 2P are Health - 100% (all characters), Ki Gauge - 0.


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without having your whole team defeated and without defeating the opposing team.

Points System

Difficulty Levels


This team is useful to help players who feel overwhelmed by opposing offense, to get a handle on it. With long range low attacks, command grabs, and multiple moves that must be blocked standing, they are, by nature, overwhelming and relatively difficult to defend against if just getting used to the game.

If you want them to have more meter to use for Super attacks, you can turn off Action #7 because these characters don't really have great 2H. This has a noticable impact on how the bot behaves, and is the most likely thing you'll want to turn off in many teams because you don't fear your opponent's 2H. This will turn off all EX moves, leaving all meter for Supers. This also results in more timings where the Super being used has a chance of calling in another character.