DBFZ Dash Defense v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Super Dash Defense

The intention of this form of the bot is to specifically target the 'muscle memory' for reacting to Super Dashes, generally with their characters' crouching Heavy attacks. Unlike our basic Defense bot, this one is specialized around this function and cannot be used interchangeably with it, but generally it should not be used until one is fairly comfortable with the standard defense bot, or interchangeably with it during a session, since, in order to build the form, certain forms of pressure were 'removed' through the choice of characters used.

The characters for this use of the bot are Android 21 (no real substitute available, but you can try Adult Gohan or Beerus depending on your problems, Adult Gohan if you play long range characters and Beerus if you play short range ones), Yamcha, and Krillin, in that order (switch the second two if your Action #1 uses the Assist2 Button).

Bot Settings

Action Chances:

Gauge Settings

Health Recovery should be set to 'No Recovery' and Assist Cooldown should be set to 'Normal'. Sparking Blast settings should also be normal.

Settings for 1P are Health - 100% (all characters), Ki Gauge - 0.

Settings for 2P are Health - 100% (all characters), Ki Gauge - 0.


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without having your whole team defeated and without defeating two members of the opposing team.

Points System

Difficulty Levels


This opposing team works well for this purpose because of their tendency to be airborne for longer than other characters, but their lack of 'standard' moves that are easily started from the air, making it more likely that they will simply be using their Ki Blast specials and Super Dashes from the air. They also tend to move forward very little, and when in the air using their Special, even move backwards at times, constantly changing both the distance and height from which they start their Super Dash or activate a Dash Change. Similarly, their attacks and assists put a larger number of relatively difficult to track projectiles on the screen to 'cover their movement' and pin the player down, increasing stress and lessening the mental focus available to watch for these very variable Super Dashes. They also have good 'mixups' after the Super Dash if it is just blocked, by hanging in the air or moving over the player at times, making the attacks used after blocking Super Dashes difficult. Even though the player sometimes gets no point for this type of attack and so could just keep defending, it can lead to them being 'opened up' if they ignore it all the time.

Point System A is primarily to strain and change the player's awareness, as it can sometimes be difficult for players who focus on offense to recognize when they are losing focus on the defense aspect of the game. This is remedied by adding an 'interrupt' to any autopiloted offense while still making it 'Easy' by making it feel closer to a regular match, for such players. Defensive players can 'skip' straight to the Medium difficulty if they prefer, for this reason.

Watching these opponents can be straining, and the lower meter settings on both sides mean that less direct interaction is likely to occur. Beware of their strong ability to protect each other with their assists and disrupt your movement as well. Very close range Super Dashes can and should be Deflected, but no point is given for this, since the bot is about moreso recognition of the situation in which the opponent is using it to 'get in'. It is still a good habit to maintain if possible, however, and one can train it using many bots, so there is no specific reason not to do it for this one, since it is a good 'gateway' to using crouching Heavy when the opponent is further out. Learning the 'line' at which one must deflect instead of doing that is also important, and differs by character (affected by the startup/speed of their crouching Heavy Attack).