ClawBot v1.0

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Multi-Situation Awareness Reactions

After this point, this bot will be referred to as 'VegaBot' on this page.

On the opposite side of the spectrum from the 'Power' specialist of the Four Kings, VegaBot emphasizes 'fluidity', and through this, the use of longer ranged pokes and strikes. As with NashBot, the bot is not the first thing a new player needs to use to get used to the matchup, and they should start by facing the CPU version of this character at a high level, instead. Once they are used to that, VegaBot can be employed to help teach some more specific parts of the matchup, that are not as likely to be seen when fighting the CPU. The inputs are relatively easy for anyone used to doing the '623' Shoryuken/Uppercut motion.

Success against VegaBot isn't always as clear cut as the point system indicates, and there are quite a few variations depending on which type of character you specialize in. The main thing is to understand how spacing changes behaviours, and how the claw being on or off further complicates it. Like Birdie, it's important to remain very aware of the changing options of the bot, and mentally shift to your correct response or punish even before any move is actually done. It is this 'mental strain' of swapping entire 'pages' of responses in and out, that makes facing the bot difficult, not any specific thing.

Gauge Settings

As with all bots, 1P Health should be set to "Normal". Set 1P CA Gauge to "Normal", and 1P V-Gauge to "Normal".

Settings for 2P are Health - "Auto-Recover", V-Gauge - "Normal", CA Gauge - "Auto-Recover".


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without dying. In certain modes, VegaBot also gets points. If VegaBot gets to 10 points first, you lose.

Points System


Points system D changes based on the character-specific variant you select for action #3.

Difficulty Levels

Action #1

FirstFrame 6MK, hidden [5MP, 5HP+HK, 5MP, 5HP+HK] 5MP, 236 end recording.

This input may be difficult if the player does not set a button for HP+HK due to how clean it generally needs to be. There is no real leniency either. The 5MP must be quick, but not instant, almost as if it was supposed to be hidden but could not be done in time. This recording is somewhat easier to understand with V-Gauge set to Normal and the claw off. If he only rolls and never does the MP when it is replayed into itself, retry.

Action #2

5LK, hidden [5LP+LK], 5LP, 421 end recording.

When replayed by itself, if done correctly, VegaBot should do a 'Wall Dive', going to the side of the screen behind him. Which of the three inputs he uses after that depends on how far he is from the wall. The timing is fairly strict but clean, this must not be mashed, multiple inputs will become a problem over time unless it is just 2x of the 5LP before the 421 style motion. It is also fairly important to end this 'cleanly' at 1.

Action #3

1LP+MP (plink ok), hidden [1LK+HK, optional 1LP], 1MP+MK, 236 end recording.


1PPP (plink NOT ok, set a button), hidden [1KKK, optional 1LP], 44, 412 end recording.

Any of the four input blocks at the top (comma separated) can be replaced by any of the input blocks on the bottom to change this bot's rhythm. See below for suggestions.

This action can cause many behaviors and has multiple variants. As a result, this section will not give any explanation of what it 'should' be. The inputs are generally easy, if a bit quick, and while they are not specifically lenient, it is relatively easy to tell when they are not working correctly. Due to the game's natural lenient input shortcuts, this may be able to do strange things such as regular Wall Dive, even though no inputs it actually uses would indicate that it should be able to do this.

Variant Suggestions: For zoner characters (Nash, Dhalsim, Ryu, Ken, Menat, Guile, Boxer, Juri, Urien, Ed, FANG, Birdie) use the original version, for grapplers (Abigail, R.Mika, Zangief, Alex) use the entire variant. For aerial characters (Cammy, Akuma, Dictator, Claw, Ibuki) use the front half of the variant and the second half of the original. For pressure characters (Karin, Necalli, Laura, Chun-Li, Rashid, Kolin) use the front half of the original and the second half of the Variant. If you perceive the mentioned characters as being in a category other than those suggested, please use the category you believe they are in, as it probably reflects your playstyle with that character.

Action #4

3LK+HK (FirstFrame not required, but should not plink), hidden [3MP, 66], 6(3)2(1) end recording

This input is lenient, as shown by the optional parts of the final directional input (in brackets). The dash can also be allowed to come out via the buffer, but the player should definitely try to make sure that they have input the commands before the slide ends. When replayed into itself, this input should be able to do a forward moving EX Wall Dive. If the input is plinked and the LK is first, it may cause some difficulty in both gaining points and understanding the bot, but for non-pressure characters, this can be used for a while if you just want to get started. The end input has a special effect. The faster you can cleanly do it, the more likely the bot will be to dash up Throw rather than dash up LK.

Action #5

5LP+HP (or PPP), hidden [963214] end recording.

The longer the 9 input, the more likely the bot is to jump. With optimal timing, when replayed into itself on the first try, it should cause the HP->HP target combo if claw is on. Normally it does EX moves (which one, depends on claw status).


Still in progress.