CarmineBot v1.0

Difficulty Advanced

Focus Rhythm and Mix-Up Defense

Note that UNIST does not save bots separately and it does not save them between uses of the game, you must re-input a bot whenever you restart the game, so we have used much simpler inputs that can be used across multiple characters (it keeps the inputs when switching characters).

The intention of this bot is to help train your mind to get used to maintaining your awareness against an opponent with strong setplay and many hidden options to focus on. CarmineBot has slightly better spacing than most of the other awareness style bots, even moreso than his input-counterpart LinneBot, and, like her, will defend himself decently often if your punishes are slow or mistargeted. For him, pay attention to your 'autopilot' tendencies more, since even if you succeed, for most characters, just doing so without mindfulness will mean that your opponent can trick you more easily, and characters like Carmine often only need to 'trick' beginner players once to win the round.

CarmineBot requires the player to be aware and alert for two or three different visual markers at the same time, and mentally aware of a high number of possibilities even with his general repetitive play. A clear understanding of your potential anti-airs, either of 'different ones for different requirements' or 'the limitations of your very strong AA special moves', helps greatly here. Though not a part of the point system, Shielding correctly against his pressure is important, if you do it correctly you gain GRD, whereas Shielding too late means you end up neutral or losing GRD. He forces players to switch from defense to 'confirmed offense' very quickly with minimal time to plan what to do, so is good for training your mental flexibility and rhythm, even on characters with longer range who can just hit him from further away. His relatively lower mobility means that his movement is not often what you are worried about, but moreso his attacks. Since the character loses health when doing certain of his own moves, heavy defense is in fact an option in more conditions (the number of these moves the bot can use has been limited to the ones most likely to cause immediate stress or confusion, to prevent it from just defeating itself too quickly. We have listed some variants to make him do certain moves more).

Linne is a good character for inputting the Linne-Type bot for training characters such as Carmine (note that Action #3 for Carmine should be input after the switch to Carmine, this Action #3 can be used without changing it back on LinneBot if you are good at her), Linne herself, and a host of other characters collectively considered 'SpamBot'. That is, these inputs will produce a 'spammy' version of many other characters which can be used to gain familiarity with their moves and some punishes, but not intended to simulate their true gameplans. On a good day, Carmine's Action #2 has a quick enough 'TK' that it allows for his Aerial 'TK' Spin Blade, and his dashes are limited. On a suboptimal day his 'TK' is not available and he may jump and dash too much. Note especially that one 'Variant' used for Linne, if you started from her inputs in Action #4 and used 4B+C instead of 1B+C, will also need to be changed back to use Carmine, as he doesn't work properly with the 4B+C variant. Fortunately it is generally easy to change this to one or the other once you get used to it.

Gauge Settings

Settings for 1P are VIT Gauge - Varies (see Goals section below), EXS Gauge - 0%

Settings for 2P are VIT Gauge - "100%", EXS Gauge - 200%

Universal settings: EXS Gauge Default (it does not increase automatically), GRD Gauge - "Default", Health Recovery - "Auto Recovery Off".


Completing each action gives 1 point. Whenever your opponent is defeated, check your health rating, and set your Health to approximately that value for the next round, and continue your count. Try to get to 10 points without being defeated (if you are, reset your health to 100% and restart your count).

Points System

Difficulty Levels

Special UNISTBot Input Instruction Notes

UNIST starts recordings using the X button/Confirm button on controllers. It begins the recording instantly. However, it will also accept the input that is bound to this button in the Controller Configuration as the first part of the recorded input, if you hold down the button when you start the recording. It also gives you just enough time to hold a direction as well. Use this method to record the inputs. For example, Action #5, change your X/Confirm button to A+B in the Controller Settings, and you should be able to get it to accept 6A+B as soon as possible.

Action #1

Record from close.

4A, 1B, 123 end recording.

The 1B is more important for Linne than for Carmine, and most of the SpamBot characters 'don't care'. If you get 4B and don't intend to train with Linne, it is mostly alright, but try to get 1B. This input should not be able to do any specials when played by itself. If it can, you wiggled too much or went all the way to 6 at the end. It should be able to do Spin Blade (his projectile, obvious name is obvious) when it plays into Action #5. If you are not confident in your ability to record this type of input, skip to recording Action #5 next before coming back to #2.

Action #2

1/2B, hidden [2369], end recording instantly.

When played by itself, if recorded on Linne this results in a jumping move, either 'TK' Kuuga (on Carmine this will be 'TK' Spin Blade) or a divekick (Linne)/jumping B (Carmine). The first option is optimal, so put some effort into this one if you have the time for that input on that day. If you are experienced with Carmine as a character or even just with CarmineBot, use 2B specifically instead, as this will unlock a move along with another later variant, without affecting him, Linne, or the SpamBots too much (it often improves SpamBots in the sense that it makes some of them more spammy/useful). The only real change should be that they block slightly less or drop their block faster.

Action #3

Record from far

6C (hold the C for some time so he does 6[C]) hidden [9] 1C, end recording instantly.


6C (hold the C for some time so he does 6[C]) hidden [9] 1C hidden [525] end recording instantly.

Variations in how long you hold the 6 direction before you transition to the 9 direction (you can do that transition very early if you wish) controls how much Carmine jumps compared to how often he takes a few steps forward when this action plays in such a way that the 6[C] is masked by something else. Generally he works well either way, but it does tend to telegraph his jump if he walks too much first (since he will always do a jumping C after walking) so we recommend trying to switch to 9 early. This is one of the few bots where 'more jumping' is not generally a problem. Try to get the 1C as close as possible to the end of the 6[C] animation.

The Variant here is used to activate CarmineBot and the SpamBots' 22B when used with the change in Action #2. It is meaningfully harder to get right, and doesn't necessarily add a lot to the experience (the move seldom happens even with this) but if you are good enough at this sort of thing, it can still be worth it.

Action #4

6D hidden [4 1B+C].

The '4' input here is 'optional' but we don't list it so, to prevent the player from focusing on getting to 1 at 'any cost' which sometimes will cause a 6321 that we don't want on this input. Unlike LinneBot, where this input can be 4B+C, CarmineBot really only works with 1B+C. When played into itself it should move a Dissolve puddle forward when Carmine Assaults, and should be fast enough that what it is doing doesn't become ambiguous. However it is fine and completely normal for it to also just do grounded B+C fairly often. Just make sure it can't Assault twice without doing it from the air.

Action #5

6A+D hidden [6A+B 321] end

This is a relatively simple input which would normally be in a different 'position' in the Action slots, but we found there was more overlap and experimentation with other bots possible in this position. Therefore this is the Character type specific input, this one is known as the 'Linne' type input. To check if this recording was done correctly replay it by itself on Linne and she should mostly either repeatedly throw, alternate Throw with a standing normal, or alternate throw with dash. All three options are acceptable, though you should poke to make sure she can do both things. If played in conjunction with Action #1 some other things may happen. If you were not confident in your ability to do Action #1 properly and 'came to this input', this is the mirror of that. Action #1 and #5 by themselves work well for testing if you got it right, before any other inputs are done.


Still in progress.