BassBot v1.0

Difficulty Beginner

Focus Defense and Awareness

In DoA, one of the important concepts to understand before learning movement is to understand when you can and cannot use your defensive tools. BassBot is intended to help a beginner player who is familiar with the Hold system in DoA to refine their understanding of when not to use Hold, and to look for other opportunities to use other defensive tools. He can also help players to learn exactly how advantaged they actually are after a successful hold, in the case of those holds that redirect the opponent without actually causing a knockdown.

Many of Bass's moves can be slow, but intimidating, and can cause a player to wait for their mind to catch up as a result of intimidation. While his moves are slow, they are good for getting a beginner player used to the concept of watching the opponent before acting. Additionally, if Bass is allowed to start up his pressure without the player countering it by either correctly blocking/holding or sidestepping, he can bully the player into the corner, and is able to use throw in some of his blockstrings. This helps the player more easily understand when they have lost advantage and puts the player in a somewhat realistic situation emotionally to better learn the defensive reactions and awareness required in DoA.

As a player gets used to the bot, they should find themselves being able to see the startup of more of Bass's moves and movement.

To get the most from BassBot, one should have already played HitomiBot to the point where they understand Holds, as BassBot works as a result of having different timings than HitomiBot for when to hold, due to the timing of his attacks and the difference in his pressure. HitomiBot and BassBot are a good warmup for intermediate players for getting used to the spacing, movement, and holds, if they have just recently came from a different game and want to get back into DoA.

Stage Settings

Since DoA6, as of this writing, has no meaningful gauge settings or settings relevant to action replays in Training Mode, definitions for this section are related only to which stage to use. This may be updated in future if certain things change in the Free Training Mode

The stage for this bot training is DoA Colosseum or any stage very similar in layout and size.


Completing each action gives 1 point. Get to 10 points to win. Try to keep track of Bass' points as well, as this is part of the mental exercise. If Bass gets to 10 points, he 'wins' and the count restarts.

Points System

Difficulty Levels

Action #1

6K hidden [2H+K] 214P (end recording)

Action #2

1K [1H 1T] 214P+K

The initial 1K hidden [1H 1T] inputs should be pianoed (end recording)

Action #3

1P hidden [5H+K] 6T (end recording)

This should successfully throw after the 1P hits


Still in progress.