AlexBot v0.1

Difficulty Moderate

Focus Air Resets, Air Hit Awareness

Our goal with AlexBot is to help players understand a concept in the game that is different from many other fighting games. Exactly how opponents interact with moves that make contact with them while they are airborne, at various heights and with various levels of strike timings. Beyond that, AlexBot is similar to NecalliBot in terms of what he does, and probably should not be seriously approached or used by players who feel as if they do not yet understand anti-airs well. Since this bot's primary purpose is to remove the novice player's preconceptions about what is or is not possible, and what they should/should not be able to do, it is not particularly challenging in terms of its ability to deal damage to the player, for the most part.

For this reason, this section will not give any further advice as to how to achieve the goals in the Point Systems of this bot. The player should learn this for themselves in their preferred way: looking it up, asking others for help, or personal experience, because it is highly character dependent. The inputs for this bot are fairly simple if the player is familiar with charge moves, and relatively lenient as well, but they do require the concepts of buffering and even edge-shifting. However they should not be beyond the ability of most players in Bronze Tier with average execution ability.

Gauge Settings

As with all bots, 1P Health should be set to "Normal". Set 1P CA Gauge to "Normal", and 1P V-Gauge to "Normal" for any difficulty above 'Easy'. For 'Easy' difficulty, 1P CA Gauge and V-Gauge can have any setting.

These settings may change based on your goals with your character in terms of learning your air resets.

Settings for 2P are Health - "Auto-Recover", V-Gauge - "Auto-Recover", CA Gauge - "Auto Recover".


Completing each action gives 1 point. Try to get to 10 points without dying.

Points System

Difficulty Levels

Action #1

From Far away, 66 hidden [6HP+HK], 63214PPP, hold 7 for a while (about the time of the grab animation whiff, but before he actually jumps back), then move from 7 to 41, hold 1 for a short time (until Alex recovers enough to crouch), end recording while still holding 1.

Inexperienced players may want to test the feeling of doing a charge move while holding directions other than 4 or 1 or 2 for the entire time. Going from 7 to 4 to 1 still counts as one charge of 4. Since this Action does not have many different button inputs, but plinks can be a distracting problem, we suggest setting a button to HP+HK and another to PPP, to simplify it.

Action #2

6KKK (or MK+LK), hidden [hold 7 (if 9 and or 8 is pressed very briefly on the way, it is fine), mash HP+HK], 4/1LP+LK, 1LP, 1MP (can hide these if preferred, but try to use the sort of timing where both come out), end recording while holding 1.

If this is input properly at the 'front end', Alex will be able to do EX Slash Elbow if it is played back into itself. Once again we suggest setting a V-Trigger button. It can replace one's normal HP button as there are no other HP inputs in this Action. Similarly, the HK button can be changed to KKK.

Action #3

6LK, 6MP (or 6MP+LP), hidden [mash 1HP+HK a few times] and instantly end recording while holding 1 (this is not intended to necessarily be enough for a charge timing but it might be for some players).


Instead of mashing 1HP+HK, input 4 4HP+HK, 4HP+HK, 4HP+HK, (repeatedly press the 4 input along with the HP+HK as if attempting to continue to backdash, don't hold it), end recording (optionally hold 1 before ending recording but only for a very short time, not aiming to create a charge timing).

If you play a character who specializes in throws more than hits, for their punishes, use the Variant. It is not necessary to make sure every 4 input and V-Trigger input actually line up, just trying will have the correct effect. Once again, it is optimal to set HP+HK to either the HP or HK button that you normally use. The Variant is the version shown in the recorded video here.

Action #4

9KKK, hidden [3HP, 3HP+HK, 623KKK], 63214 just as Alex lands and instantly end recording.

It's easier to do this from far away so that Alex doesn't jump over and make the input difficult. Remove as many of the hidden inputs as is necessary, according to your skill/speed with inputs, starting from the first. Treat the hidden inputs as a cancel combo like you would on the ground to make it easier. Most importantly, try to do the 623KKK before Alex lands so that he does not actually do the EX Knee, or it may make the bot feel annoying. However, if the inputs are right and the timing feels off, it should be accepted anyway for the earlier attempts, as it is very lenient and the moves it does matter more than the precise inputs. Once again, some button reassignment should help (normal LK button to KKK, HK button to HP+HK).

Action #5

9PPP, hidden [MP (or MP+LP, direction pressed does not matter for this input, except that you must not press 6 for it, and the fact that 1/2MP is both slightly easier for most people and slightly preferable), 236MP], 236 just as Alex lands and instantly end recording.

For this input, the hidden inputs are more important, but the MP can be dropped if absolutely necessary, and the 236 at the end can be a little 'off' in terms of timing relative to Alex landing. Also, it is quite lenient regarding exactly where the first MP is in the 236, as you may see in the video.


Still in progress.